Things To Do In London During Rains

London gets even more alluring and enchanting during rains. So, if you think that those rains will dampen your mood, you couldn’t be more wrong about this incredible city. Londoners never grumble about the British weather, and they always carry an umbrella and their Oyster Card. They know very well that there is always a chance of a shower.

So, if you are here on a trip, and it is pouring outside, just get ready to explore this lovely city and take advantage of the storage services of Left luggage in London to take care of your baggage or packages as you enjoy the city. 

London is an exciting city to be in because of its incredible architecture, rich history, and museums and palaces. There are tons of things to do and see in the beautiful capital even if the weather is rainy.

• Enjoy the latest flick in London’s cinema – Why not catch a movie in one of those popular cinemas such as The Prince Charles Cinema or The Every Man Cinema/ BFI Imax is best for viewing the latest blockbusters. So, enjoy a couple of hours of immersive viewing within a cozy cinema while it is pouring outside.

Spend some time in a flower market – Columbia Road flower market is the place to go when the weather isn’t nice. You could try other lovely flower shops in London and look at those bright florals and colors of nature to brighten up your day. Let Luggage storage at king’s cross take care of your extra baggage and keep it safe and sound.

• Visit a covered market – It is a good idea to visit a covered market in London when it is raining outside and spend some interesting hours here. Some of the most popular and traditional markets include Borough Market, Greenwich Market, Leadenhall Market, and Covent Garden Market.

• Take advantage of free museums – Another amazing thing to do and for free is to visit a free museum in London. The city boasts of some of the best museums in the world, such as the British Museum, Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, Museum of London, and many more.

• Tour the Royal Albert Hall – If you’re wondering what to do when it’s raining in London, why not take a guided tour of the Royal Albert Hall? As you go through the Victorian-age edifice and find out all about the royal areas, you are sure to get a fascinating experience of a lifetime. See the incredible auditorium where plays like Arctic Monkeys to Beyonce and the Cirque du Soleil with top performers and stars have been staged.

• Try your hand at bowling – Go bowling with your friends and family as a fun rainy-day activity. Th3e good news is that there are so many bowling alleys across the city, and you are sure to remain spoiled for choices. Look forward to hours of fun, arcade games, and karaoke at spots like Rowans Bowl, Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, and All-Star Lanes.

• Enjoy a cup of hot coffee – Nothing could be better than sitting at a cute café with a warm cup of coffee by the window and watching the rainy day in London. There are some amazing coffee shops in the city, and you can head towards any of them for a peaceful time and experience. You could even catch up with your work on your laptop or read a book.

• Do some exercise – Why not plan a workout if you know it is going to rain heavily in London? Thankfully, there are some of the best workout\ spots in the city where you can practice boxing, yoga, barre, and lots more. So, have lots of fun and good exercise indoors and get your sweat on.

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