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Top 7 Things To Do On Priority After Moving To Australia

If you want to settle in Australia, keeping certain points in mind can help. First, Australia is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to live. It has plenty of job options, good educational institutes, a lot of places for tours and travels, and high-quality hospitals and medical facilities, too. So you can expect a happy, progressive, safe, and secure life on the island continent.

As soon as you move to Australia, don’t forget to subscribe to a health insurance plan. According to a report, young Australians, including both men and women, are keen to get health insurance coverage. They prioritize it before everything else, as health is something that you can’t ignore. Any delay in taking insurance coverage means you have to invest a lot more in times of hospitalization or serious illness.

The latest statistics released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) in June 2022 claimed that nearly 11.66 million people in Australia, or around 45.2% of Australian citizens, have private hospital health insurance coverage. So, when you are going to Australia, you should never miss out on subscribing to a health insurance plan. Though the price of health insurance rises annually, in 2022, the price clocked at a rise of 2.7%, which is the lowest in 20 years.

In addition to health insurance, you can’t miss out on other things that require your urgent attention.

Here are the top things to do on priority after moving to Australia.

1. Immigration Eligibility Assessment: This is very important for you. Check your eligibility assessment to avail the right visa type (related to emigration to Australia). You can check it online and follow the relevant instructions to get help on it.

2. Prioritize Your Health: Acclimatizing yourself to Australian weather should be on your priority list, especially if you visit the nation for the first time. In a few days, you’ll be able to adjust yourself to the country’s prevailing weather conditions.

Also, seek professional assistance from Australian Unity to get health insurance coverage for you and your family to avoid exorbitant hospitalization charges and medical fees during an emergency-like situation. Also, the insurance firm can give you some vital tips on how to stay fit and healthy in times of pandemic, flu, or natural calamities and get necessary medical care facilities without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Get A Job: For skilled hands, getting a job in Australia would not pose a major problem. But you should do some independent research to know more about the availability of such jobs. If you are skilled in a particular profession and have a relevant license, you can also obtain Skilled Migration Visas.

4. Know Life in Australia: Like every country, Australia has its own standard and style. Explore the country’s vibrant urban and rural lifestyle, indigenous tradition, the culture of the local people, and linguistic specialties. This can help you communicate better with the people at your office and neighborhood.

5. Rent or Buy a Home: You can buy or take an apartment on rent to live in. However, it’s always better to rent a house before buying a flat or home there for permanent settlement. You should contact some local real estate dealers to get an idea of the budget or price for buying a new property there.

Immediately after moving to Australia, you may need to choose a hotel where you can stay put for a few days and enjoy the nation’s delicious dishes one after another without falling sick.

6. Study Cost of Living Index: Before moving to Australia, do some research on the average cost of living in an Australian city. This may vary from one city to another. For the first few months, moving to a less costly city can be effective in saving a few bucks. But if you are financially well-off, you can easily settle in a metro town like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and others.

7. Get A TFN: If you are settling down in Australia, you need TFN to pay taxes. So on arrival, you should apply for TFN. It can also serve as your permanent status in the country. Before joining any job, you must furnish your employer with your TFN. If you don’t, your employer will withhold a higher tax rate of 45% from your monthly salary.


Australia can be ideal for permanent settlement. But you need to follow certain essential things as you do before migrating to any other country of the world. Following these tips and tricks can simplify the process of your immigration while letting you stay calm and stress-free.

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