tips for regular cbd users

5 Practical Tips For Regular CBD Users

CBD has become more popular in recent years for its endless list of beneficial effects on human health. Numerous studies have suggested that CBD may relieve pain, help manage anxiety and depression, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, benefit heart health, prevent diabetes, and reduce psychotic symptoms, among many others. With several options on how you can consume it, it has also opened up opportunities for consumers to try out CBD in many ways.

Thus, there are actually regular CBD users because of its efficacy to their needs. However, there are more things that regular CBD users have to know to ensure that they’re getting great value for their money. Below are some practical tips on how you can maximize the potency of your CBD.

1. Purchase A CBD Subscription Box

Some users are opting for affordable CBD products because they’re on the pricey side. It’s always great to save money, and it’s true that not all inexpensive items are ineffective. But, you have to prioritize the quality of the products and make sure that despite their low price, they’re not cheaply made. You’re placing your trust and risking your health in these products; therefore, you have to opt for legitimate ones.

That said, having CBD subscription benefits you in terms of quality, price, and convenience. A CBD subscription box is a service that charges you every month in exchange for a set of CBD products delivered right to your door. This is a great deal, especially for regular CBD users, because of its benefits, such as:

• Customization. CBD subscription allows you to customize based on your preferences. It provides different types of products you want until you find the best method of delivery for you. Therefore, you’ll decide whether you want gummies, tinctures, topical applications, and more.

• Convenience. Instead of going out of your house and buying CBD products in the supermarket, a CBD subscription makes your life a lot more convenient. The products are being delivered right in front of your door so you don’t have to worry about your tight schedule.

• Affordable Prices. Companies that offer CBD subscriptions purchase CBD products at discounted bulk rates, therefore, their products are at a lower price, unlike those in the market. Also, since a subscription can be customized, customers are allowed to choose from the type of product they want to receive or the dosage they want to have, allowing them to purchase within their budget.

• High-Quality Products. You don’t have to worry if the CBD product you purchased was legitimate because CBD subscriptions ensure that you get your money’s worth. They contain brands that are well-known and credible to remove customers’ doubt that these are fake or ineffective.

tips for regular cbd users

2. Mix CBD With THC

While CBD and THC come from the same plant, they have different effects on people’s bodies. CBD is known as a non-psychoactive substance, which means it doesn’t make people high. But, its mixture with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol increases the benefits of CBD, also known as the entourage effect. Therefore, for people wanting to have better and more effective results, a combination of CBD and THC can help.

According to a 2011 review of studies in the British Journal of Pharmacology, taking terpenes and phytocannabinoids may be beneficial for:

• Cancer
• Epilepsy
• Pain
• Inflammation
• Fungal infection
• Anxiety

Tips For Trying THC And CBD

THC and CBD work better together, but still, it’s important to keep in mind that they affect the body differently. That means a person with Crohn’s disease has a different ratio of CBD and THC mixture than those who use it for muscle pain. If you’re interested in exploring the synergistic effects of THC and CBD, you might consider products like Mood Gummies for a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate both cannabinoids into your wellness routine.

In addition, this mixture may cause side effects, especially that THC is psychoactive. It may cause dry mouth, short-term memory loss, fatigue, and slow reaction times, so don’t panic unless your situation is worsening. Below are some tips on how you can effectively mix THC and CBD.

◦ Before trying out, talk with your healthcare provider. That way, they can provide recommendations and advise you of possible drug interactions if you’re consuming other medicines.

◦ Start with a low dosage and gradually increase if needed. For THC, try 5 milligrams, and 5 to 15 mg for CBD.

◦ Experiment on how you’ll take the products. Some find taking CBD and THC together works better, while some choose to consume CBD first, then THC, or vice versa.

◦ Try out different delivery methods, such as topicals, food products, capsules, vapes, tinctures, and gummies.

3. Create A CBD Super Coffee

Super coffee is a coffee that has healthy saturated fats, such as organic grass-fed cow butter and palm oil. Adding CBD oil to your morning coffee is believed to be more efficient in delivering the products to the bloodstream and areas of the body where it’s essential because the high lipid content can help in picking up the cannabidiol.

In addition, adding CBD oil to your coffee helps in enhancing mental alertness. Also, most people experience having longer effects of both CBD and caffeine. This happens because the sudden surge of compounds of CBD and caffeine causes the liver to slow down. That means both CBD and caffeine help each other to increase the duration of the effects.

4. Try Out CBD Liposomes

Although this is a new concept, some companies have already adopted this idea. CBD liposomes are created to improve the molecular bioavailability of CBD ingested orally. These are fats that encapsulate lipid-soluble drugs. CBD is being encapsulated because it’s believed that the digestive system will absorb the chemical components better and easier, and provides more relief to the user.

Still, despite having better absorption compared to other methods, liposomes are way more expensive than the others. For instance, a 50mg regular CBD has the same efficacy as the 20 mg CBD liposomes, but this is more expensive. Therefore, it’s up to you whether you prioritize better absorption or a reasonable price.

5. Consume Gummies and CBD Oil Together

One of the downsides of taking CBD oil is its unpleasant taste. Some can’t stand the earthy flavor of CBD, that’s why there are users that are opting for other methods. However, CBD gummies can help in eliminating this taste. Some users have realized that instead of wasting their CBD oils due to their taste, taking them with gummies can help them get their money’s worth.

Also, the best way to integrate CBD and gummies together is to look for dedicated CBD gummies, and take them discreetly anywhere and everywhere you want to obtain their health benefits.

Bottom Line

It’s a waste to spend your money on a CBD product that doesn’t work for you, especially if you’ve already tried one and wanted continuous use because of its benefits. Therefore, keep in mind these five practical tips on how you can maximize the effects of CBD and make the most of your money.

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