4 Tips for Those New to Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis can be an intimidating thing for someone new to it. With so much information on the internet and plenty of myths, there may be a lot to consider before taking the plunge. However, consuming cannabis is easier than ever nowadays, and with the right tips in mind, you’ll be able to make sure your experience is enjoyable.

Whether you need advice on where to start or information on different consumption methods, this article gives five essential tips every person should know when getting started with marijuana consumption.

1. Start Slowly

The first tip on this list for anyone new to consuming cannabis would be to start slowly. A big mistake that many new cannabis smokers make is smoking as much as they can, or smoking without considering how much they are actually consuming. It is advised to consume a little bit, wait an hour, and then consume more if necessary.

The reason that you should start slowly is that if you have never smoked before or you hardly consume cannabis, then you are going to have a very low resistance to it. What this means is that you are going to feel more of the effects compared to someone who has built a resistance to cannabis. More importantly, the intoxicating effects of cannabis are nothing like being drunk, so there is no way that you can prepare for them.

2. Try Different Consumption Methods

The next step on this list for anyone new to consuming cannabis or who has just started consuming cannabis would be to try the various cannabis consumption methods. In 2022, there are a wide variety of cannabis consumption methods available for people to try. Some of these consumption methods include dry herb vaporizers, edibles, transdermal patches, bongs, joints, tinctures, and more.

The reason it is a good idea to try different consumption methods is that different consumption methods can produce different effects as well as consume varying amounts of THC. For those new to consuming cannabis, vaporizers are a great starting point. Vaporizing is a popular method of consuming cannabis, as it doesn’t involve inhaling smoke but simply vaporizing the plant material instead. Devices like the innovative Angus vaporizer are very easy to use and require minimal knowledge: simply load the vaporizer with herbs and turn it on. Various vaporizers also have temperature settings, which allow users to customize their experience.

3. Be Prepared To Do Nothing

One of the most important tips on this list if you are new to consuming cannabis would be to be prepared to do nothing. As mentioned above, you cannot prepare for the effects of a cannabis, and it is nothing like being drunk. If, on the off chance, you do consume too much cannabis, which is highly likely, you are going to find it quite difficult to operate as you normally would.

As such, you should consume cannabis in the evening after you have done all of your chores and have made sure that you have no more responsibilities than need to be taken care of. If that is not possible and you need to consume during the day, you should ensure that you have a free day ahead of you and no work to be done later in the day, since the chances are you probably won’t be able to do it as effectively.

4. Don’t Drink and Smoke

Another incredibly important tip for someone new to consuming cannabis would be to not drink and smoke at the same time. This might not happen to everyone, but if you have never tried it before, you’ll never know if it will happen to you, and it is best to avoid it. This is something called the greenies.

Basically, what this is, if you consume cannabis and you drink alcohol at the same time, your body might have a reaction to it. This reaction involves throwing up continuously, even when there is nothing left in your stomach to be brought up. You’ll also feel incredibly weak, nauseous, and dizzy. In other words, rather avoid smoking and drinking at the same time and choose either one or the other.

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