tips for wearing bracelets

9 Fashion Tips for Wearing Bracelets

Wearing bracelets is a perfect way to add bling and create a statement with your fashion. However, most women find it hard to pick a piece that perfectly complements their fashion.

If this resonates with you, then it’s time to pull out those elegant sterling silver bracelets because we have a perfect way to help you adorn them.

About Bracelets

Bracelets including weave bracelets are a perfect way to complement your outfit and an essential part of fashion for every woman.

However, you must understand how to choose the pieces correctly and pair them with your dressing to pull out the glamorous look on every occasion. There are many ways you can rock the bracelets. Even if you choose to wear them on both hands, they’ll still look good. Here are ideas to help you get the best out of your wrist jewelry.

Tips for Wearing Bracelets

1. You Can Mix and Match

You can make your style outstanding by mixing and matching your wrist jewelry by adding varying styles to your fashion. If you’re unsure, begin with the basics. For instance, you can wear string or stack gold bracelets, but ensure they complement each other.

2. Less is More Sometimes

Stacking heavy jewelry can add fun and style to your fashion but isn’t necessary at times. Go for the simple style if you feel you need more simplicity. You can do this by keeping at most three to four bracelets at each arm.

3. Avoid mixing metals

Do not mix different metals unless they are all part of a single bracelet. If you choose to go with sterling silver bracelets, match them with other silver metals, but do not bring gold, platinum, or any other metals to the mix.

4. Match Outfit

Try colors that resemble what you’re already wearing. They can be either solid or bits of colors in your outfit.

5. Don’t match your outfit

The reverse will still look classy and elegant. Pick a different piece and wear it with your outfit. However, look out for a clash in your style since some colors don’t just do it together. Focus on creating a more positive vibe.

6. Pick a Focal Point

You can use your jewelry to inform your viewers where their eyes should stick when looking at you. You can do this by picking a brighter bracelet and wearing it with more subdued colors. Similarly, you can also get a chunkier piece and mix it with similar jewels, so it stands out above the others.

7. Buy a Multi-functional Jewelry

Some bracelets have several functions alongside adding class and elegance to your fashion. If you need the functionality, go for it. Some pieces double as watches and some that can show your mood or display your medical status.

8. Go for a Comfortable Piece

Some bracelets may look chic and stylish, but their materials may not be comfortable enough for everyday use. Choose a piece that’s comfortable all day and doesn’t make you worried about it falling.

9. Add a watch

Adding a watch to your wrist jewelry is a great way to break up the bracelet, create a fun look, and enjoy the convenience of a timepiece. However, look out, so your watch doesn’t clash with your outfit or bracelets. For example, a plastic-strapped watch can’t be a suitable add-on for an elegant appearance.

Bracelets are a fun way to boost your fashion. However, you may need to be careful, so your pieces don’t clash or go overboard.

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