7 Easy Tools for Creating an Animated Video

Animated pictures allow you to liven up a website page, attract the attention of its visitors and explain complex things in an accessible way. Through animation, multiple images can become a connected and interesting story. And to create such moving pictures, there are special applications that even an inexperienced user can learn to work with.

1. Adobe animate

Adobe Animate gives users the best possible experience. Although it will be possible to use it only if you have a certain experience. A novice designer will have to spend dozens of hours getting to know the utility’s capabilities. But an experienced specialist in just a couple of hours will be able to create a good animated video, banner or original infographics.

Among the possibilities of the editor – the publication of the created animation on social networks in just a couple of clicks, animated diagrams and work with parent layers.

The program allows you to adjust the frame rate and convert the animated image to Full HD or 4K resolution.

2. Blender

Among the free programs for 2D animation, Blender can be distinguished – a rather complex and multifunctional utility for professional work. Unlike most peers, it does not have a paid subscription. The program allows you to create not only two-dimensional, but also three-dimensional graphics. It even contains many tutorials to make it easy to get started with Blender’s features.

Among the features of the program – support for Windows and Linux, simple modeling of curves and renders. The program includes effects of smoke and liquid, modeling of a soft body and fluids, applying guides and changing weight.

3. Pencil2D Animation

The Pencil2D Animation application is designed to create moving pictures in the style of “pencil” animation. It is chosen for its simple training and user-friendly interface, thanks to which even a beginner will be able to make his own animated film. It also differs in size, low computer requirements, works with Windows, Linux and MacOS. And also – a simple timeline and a complete lack of embedded ads.

4. Cartoon animator 4

The 4th version of Cartoon Animator also belongs to programs for drawing animation – it is simple and convenient to use. With its help, you can “animate” characters, choosing them from the library of the editor. Movement patterns are also taken from the utility database, allowing the figure to run, walk, jump or wave its arms. You can also control the trajectory of the characters, their facial expressions and lip movements.

5. Synfig Studio

Free software for 2D animation creators. This editor is often referred to as an alternative to Adobe Flash. Its capabilities are enough to create full-fledged cartoons and advertising banners.

Among the functions of the software – converting raster graphics into a vector, more than 50 filters, many transformations and distortions. The program is not demanding on RAM (only 1 GB is enough). And on the developer’s site there are 2 versions – standard and for developers, which provide more functionality.

6. Easy GIF Animator

A program for creating simple 2D animation that can be saved in AVI, SWF or GIF formats. The name is fully justified – with the help of a simple interface and a step-by-step setup wizard, even a beginner can cope with creating an animated picture.

In the list of functions, you can change the size of the original and fit it to the frame, select the interval for changing the image and add text to the file.

7. Pivot animator

A free program for creating animated stick figures and “animating” them with an indication of the trajectory of movement. The program makes it possible to use ready-made characters and design new ones, change backgrounds and add additional effects – for example, a picture or text.

You can also change the transparency, sizes and angles of shapes, copy them with one click, export projects in AVI format. You can make the best explainer videos that are perfect for any type of business.

Pros include switching between background images in one project and selecting multiple shapes at once. The utility is available in many languages ​​and is easily mastered by inexperienced users. The disadvantages include a little functionality – you won’t be able to make a full-fledged cartoon using Pivot Animator.

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