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Five Top Training Tips for Dogs

When it comes to how well you live with your dog, as well as your dog’s happiness, training is the most important thing you can do. You need to be able to happily cohabitate with your dog, and for that to happen you need to teach them and train them the rules you want them to live by and stay consistent with those rules.

If this is your first time training a dog, don’t worry. With this guide you will train your dog in no time at all:

Go to Training School

Puppy training schools are just as important for puppies as they are for you. They are designed to teach new owners how to train their puppy. They will go through exercises with you during the session, and also give you homework so that you can continue when you get home.

Be Consistent with Your Rules

Whatever rules you put in place, they need to stay the same day after day, from person to person. If you do not want your dog in the bed, do not make exceptions when your partner is gone. If you want them to always sit when you reach a crossing, do not allow them to continue without first sitting. Not enforcing the behavior you want will make it hard to see results, and inconsistently punishing your dog can lead to anxiety.

Have “Stop” Noises

These “stop” noises could be a sharp noise you make yourself, the word no, and so on. They are sharp and are designed to get your dog to stop what they are doing. You will then want to redirect your dog to a different activity. For example, if you want them to not rush to eat everything that you accidentally drop on the floor, you will want to stop them eating what you drop from the floor, and reward them with a treat you give by hand.

Stop noises could also be automatic. There are several ultrasonic trainers available that work to stop and limit barking. Collars that automatically let out a high-pitched noise – starting low, then increasing in pitch if the dog continues to bark. There are also whistles and even handheld options that all work to discourage antisocial behavior with a short noise.

Use Positive Reinforcement

The best way to get your dog to continue with behavior that you like is to reward them when they do something you like or have trained them to do. Kibble is a great way to do this, as you can give small pieces to reward them without upsetting their stomach and without breaking the bank.

Keep Training and Teaching

Many dogs love to learn. They also love to please. By continuing to train them and give them problems to work out they will be happier and healthier for it. You will also have a dog that is increasingly well behaved.

This can continue throughout their adulthood, though you should aim to have essential training done when they are young. Learn to happily cohabitate when they are young, and train them in fun tricks and other more challenging problem-solving activities as they get older.

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