travel software development tips

Travel Software Development Tips

The times when it was necessary to book a hotel and buy a ticket directly at the company’s office or at the box office are far behind. Now all this can be done without moving, through a mobile application. This is convenient because you can solve the issue of traveling from home, park, work, shop, gym or even another country.

Statistics confirm the demand for mobile travel apps: more travelers are looking for information about tickets and hotels through their smartphones – this is 31%, and another 85% of tourists say that they keep their mobile phones close to them all the time while traveling. All this affects the growth of online ticket purchases.

So, the demand for travel mobile applications today is large and continues to grow further. That is why their creation today is a profitable field of activity and a reliable, profitable business. But only on the condition that the program is of high quality, useful and convenient.

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TOP 4 features in mobile applications for tourism

There are a number of options in travel apps that influence the user’s choice the most. If you want your product to be successful, it’s better to include them in the list of features. There are four of them and they are:

1. Option for preparation for the journey

Not everyone likes to make lists of things to take with them on a trip. Many relate to this process with irritation and even with a touch of panic. How not to forget anything? How to take everything you need and not spoil your vacation? That’s what apps are for! They will remember everything for their owner. Many needlessly underestimate the power of such programs.

All things can be divided into categories: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, medicines, small things and so on. You can also create your own topic groups. It is recommended during the development of such an option to create the most important categories, breaking everything down by color, quantity and importance.

2. Purchasing tickets

One of the key features that travelers enjoy. And this is the first thing they worry about at the stage of planning a trip. Users like to have a choice. The application helps to compare offers from different airlines, choosing the most profitable for you. You can view flights, see their transfers, and choose comfortable seats.

During the development of such a function, you need to pay attention to the relevance of the information. You can also take care of users: help to buy a ticket and order a taxi to the airport at the right time.

3. Search for housing

The more offers of hotels, hostelries and different guest houses will be loaded in the application, the wider the circle for the user to select. This will allow you to choose the option that suits the material possibilities and personal preferences of customers.

When creating a program, you need to pay attention to the level of convenience. It is important that it is convenient for users: filter prices, enter queries in a search engine, calculate reviews from real people, and so on.

4. Exploring new countries to travel to

Tourists like more applications equipped with navigation. And even better if you can use it both online and offline. The main advantage for a traveler in choosing such a program is the high speed of work.

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The main functionality for tourists and travel agencies

For an application to be popular among tourist users, it must have features such as:

  • visual content;
  • navigation;
  • hotel search and reservation;
  • selection and purchase of tickets;
  • map;
  • ratings of catering establishments;
  • outlets;
  • pages with useful information;
  • reviews about hotels and guest houses;
  • filters and search string;
  • important phone numbers, including an emergency call;
  • technical support.

As for the agency that provides travel services, it is important for it that the application is equipped with lists of tours, a page with information about the company, additional services such as insurance, online translators, hot offers and promotions, a page with offers, geolocation and maps, a page with establishments and attractions, filters, search engine, application form, description of the purchase, payment, delivery procedure.

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