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8 Trending Shoe Styles In 2022

Since we’ve moved into the new year, it’s time for us to glam up our wardrobes and make sure everything in there is on point. Our shoes, especially, need to look fabulous and Instagram-worthy all the time. Did you know that the global shoe market is estimated to reach $440 billion by 2026?

But even as you choose the perfect kind of stilettos or sandals, you need to keep comfort as a priority. After all, you don’t want to keep stumbling when you attend a party, right? If you’re looking for some trending shoe styles for 2022, we have eight tips right here for you!

1. Comfy sandals

Our love for a comfortable pair of sandals is here to stay. Sporty sandals have been seen on the runways of Chloe and Stella McCartney, and ever since then, all women have gone crazy for them.

These sandals are both fashionable and comfortable due to the neoprene fabric. The chunky soles are also to die for! The best part- is there are no styling rules when it comes to sandals!

2. Platform heels

You can reach heights (literally) with a pair of stylish platform shoes! Remember Carrie Bradshaw and her statement platforms? Who wouldn’t want to wear a similar pair?

These shoes not only make you look taller but also add a touch of elegance no matter what you wear with them. To create a statement look, wear these platforms with a printed mini or midi dress.

3. Ballet flats

If you’re not into heels, don’t worry. Ballet flat shoes have made a comeback this year, and many of us are pretty happy about it. After all, strutting around in heels all day can be very painful!

If you want the perfect pair of these flats, check out Habbot Studios. They have a lovely range of shoes, starting from heels to pumps to almost anything else that you might want. If you want to add your own touch, you can even tie a tiny ribbon on the side.

4. Mules

Mules are perfect for the spring season where you want to wear a comfortable flowery dress and go out with your girlfriends for a picnic.

This 90s-inspired style has a simple strap and a low heel so that you can walk comfortably. Nowadays, you can even get animal prints or sparkles on these shoes instead of just one plain color.

5. Loafers

Another great and trending shoe style is the loafer. They are classic and timeless, most people consider using these as wedding shoes for men not to mention very comfortable throughout the year. You can purchase a square-toe silhouette from Habbot Studios to make your wardrobe look extra chic. The chunky soles will also give a pleasant 90s twist if you wear them with a short, pleated skirt.

6. Metallic shoes

No, don’t worry, they aren’t really made of metal. But metallic shoes do look really nice during the summer months. When the sunlight hits just right on the prints, the colors really light up.

Even during the winters, you can wear these sparkly shoes for a fancy party. Popular brands like Fendi, Dior, and Max Mara have all embraced this quirky trend this year and so should you!

7. Gladiator sandals

If you wish to go all out, gladiator sandals will be the perfect choice for you. Even though they aren’t very popular during the warmer seasons, they’ve made a comeback this year. They have a multi-strap pattern and the length can vary.

While some sandals can reach as far as up to your knee, the more comfy ones are up to your ankles. For some luxury inspiration, check out models from Paco Rabanne!

8. Funky ankle straps

No matter what kind of shoe you wear, having cute detailing on the ankle strap can glam up the entire look! This style was pretty popular in the 90s and now it has resurfaced this year. You can pair this up with cropped pants or miniskirts and it’ll look gorgeous.

Depending on your style and comfort, you can go for a strap that has a small design on the sides or goes for a more stylish twist to the entire strap.

Over to you…

These eight quirky shoe styles are trending big time this year. If you don’t want to miss out on such amazing styles, check out Habbot Studios for the best collection of shoes. They have premium-quality products made in Italy that will guarantee you the utmost comfort and fashion.

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