trends of 3d modeling

Trends of the 3d Modeling in 2021

3D modeling has firmly entered our lives, partially or completely rebuilding some types of business. Every industry to which 3D modeling has brought its changes has both its own specific standards and unspoken rules.

There are 3 large industries that today cannot be imagined without the use of three-dimensional models. It:

  • Entertainment industry
  • Medicine (surgery)
  • Industry

These are classic examples of using 3D modeling. Since this area is constantly evolving, there are always trends in it. In this article, we have described the main trends in 3D modeling for 2021.

Use of 3D in advertising

Advertising is not limited to drawings, photographs, and videos for a long time. Logos and videos are the faces of any brand. Modern 3D tools make it possible to improve product presentation.

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Detailing advertising projects in 3D allows potential buyers to better examine the product and see all its possibilities in action. A realistic product model will also familiarize investors with the idea and attract funding for the project.

Virtual games

It is difficult to surprise someone with the use of 3D graphics in computer games. However, 3D modeling for virtual reality games and quests is also popular. It gives game designers an unprecedented amount of creativity.

On the other hand, VR technology allows them to bring their wildest ideas and game mechanics to life. Half-life: Alyx recently released, taking the flagship position in VR gaming and setting the benchmark for studios on how spatial mechanics can be used in video games.

Departure from familiar geometry

One of the trends in 3D graphics is organic flowing shapes. Technology allows you to make images more realistic, so you can breathe life into the most seemingly simple objects. This creative freedom arose at the intersection of 3D visualization and design.

Culturally, this can be seen as a new round of surrealism. 3D graphics allow you to surround human forms with fantastic elements. These are no longer just 3D busts, but collages that combine three-dimensional and ordinary graphics.

Augmented reality

AR technology is getting closer to us as creators get more tools to integrate 3D technology into AR.

Apple supports AR files with the .usdz extension, and augmented reality lenses and filters appear on Snapchat and Facebook. There are also various applications based on the use of augmented reality. All this increases the interest in 3D graphics of ordinary users and lowers the threshold for entering the rapidly developing industry.

However, independent work with 3D graphics is still very far away, since this requires a package of expensive software, the cost of which is measured in tens of thousands of dollars.

Creation of virtual 3D tours

3D virtual tours provide information visually rather than through text, which most people dislike reading. It allows them to examine all of the aspects that interest them and spend as much time as they need on them. Many businesses have recognized the value of employing a virtual tour as a marketing tool and are actively adopting it.

Having your own virtual tour is not only a significant component of your image, allowing you to present yourself as a technologically advanced firm, but it is also a profitable investment with an indefinite validity time. A virtual tour benefits your business all year round, at any time of day. In general, this trend will be the most popular among clients and businesses.

3D modeling will continue to evolve in the future. Over time, new technologies will appear and this area will acquire new trends. We can only guess what they will be, but we can be sure that 3D product modeling will not lose its relevance in the foreseeable future.

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