trends to try this summer

Trends to Try This Summer, According to Stylists

Summer is finally upon us. However, with a change of season also comes a change of wardrobe. Say goodbye to winter coats and say hello to summer dresses. Farewell to winter uggs and boots, and hello, dress shoes and heels!

Luckily for you, the hottest summer fashion trends have come. We have scoured the runways and stylists and narrowed down the largest summer trends. This season is all about bold styles, from splashes of neon to micro-trends and Y2K revival.

Explore what summer wardrobe essentials you need to get your hands on!

1. Sky-high platforms

You can now stand above the crowd with the year’s latest summer trend: platform shoes. Whether you are a full-on go-go boot lover or a chunky trainer enthusiast, the time has come to do your tallest stompers and take to the streets.

Luxury fashion houses Miu Miu, Prada, and Versace are leading the way in the summer trend, which are all adopting the phrases, “the bigger, the better.”

2. Bold and bright

Vibrant color is returning in full force this summer to ward off the persistent blues of winter and spring. An underlying summer trend that will needle its way into others.

Fashionista’s love of all things bold and bright will become a mood booster for the summer season ahead. You can catch the unicorn making its way through your closet soon.

3. Oversized blazers

A recurring item on the runway this season is a generous, oversized blazer. Taking note of the power of the silhouette of the 1980s, this new take on the modern blazer supports a looser, gender-less shape.

You can imagine broad shoulders and wide sleeves. Pair that with loose trousers, a slick skirt, shorts, or even better, complement it with some shades from the Jimmy Choo 2022 Eyewear Collection.

4. More feminine items

Rumor has it that we are set for a season of super-feminine fits. Leaving from the stream of androgynous styles and trends, the humbly called “girly girl” is about to encounter a renaissance.

Some good examples are dresses, frills, long skirts, and lots of pinks! Perfect for summer days in the park and drinks with BFFs, this aesthetic is a proven and tested classic that reemerges more often than not.

5. Back to school

Probably this is one of the least anticipated trends to appear this summer season. The uniform-centric style now returns to the curriculum. This trend notices its wearer pull on pieces such as chunky loafers, tennis skirts, oversized polo jumpers, and sweaty vests for a preppy-chic finish, gaining a following amongst all genders.

However, those passing the class will bring an edge of rebellion exemplified by self-expression, cut-outs, and color.

6. Fringe

Summer is approaching, and for the first time since 2019, everyone has a selection of celebrations, events, and festivals to look forward to. That’s why fringing and wild west aesthetics has become the unofficial uniform of Coachella-goers and cowboys.

There you have it! Which of these summer trends will you wear this season? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below!

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