tuning down distractions on the road

Tuning Down Distractions: The Surprising Impacts of Headphones, Texts and Tiffs on the Road 

Set the scene: You’re in your car, your favorite jam just started playing, so you pop in your headphones and lose yourself in the rhythm. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong! The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has got some insight that says otherwise. They recommend drivers to not wear headphones while driving as it can mask important audible cues needed to detect the presence of other vehicles. In other words, who’d want to float about in their soundproof bubble with a potential accident just a honk away?

Texting or Driving: Pick one, You Can’t Have Both

Moving on to something most of us are guilty of — texting while driving. According to the National Safety Council, you are six times more likely to cause an accident by texting while driving than by being intoxicated. Put in another way – It’s like drinking four beers and hitting the road.

Road Debates and Car Arguments: Recipe for Disaster

Now, talking about distractions, let’s throw light on another major misstep – fighting or arguing while driving. Sounds pretty harmless, but it’s anything but. ‘AAA’ reported that 15% of all accidents are a result of some sort of distraction within the car, with arguments averaging around 14% of these distractions. So, the next time you want to start a debate in the car, think twice! It surely can – and should wait.

Learn and Implement: The International Road Safety Scene

Zooming out a bit, could we learn something from how other countries address road safety? Take Sweden for instance, they are known for their remarkable ‘Vision Zero’ policy that aims for no fatal or serious injuries on their roads. Impressive, right? There are lessons there to learn and strategies to implement.

A few states have already jumped on board, namely Texas and Arizona. Arizona, now more than ever, is ensuring safer roads; and it’s not just about sticking to the rule book, but also about making Arizona more driver-friendly. However, safe or not, accidents happen.

But with precautionary measures, the involvement of professionals like Arizona truck accident lawyers, and taking cues from other countries that have made significant strides in road safety, we can definitely aim to make each ride in Arizona – and other states – safer than the last

Reality Hits Hard

At the end of the day, we cannot shy away from the reality – accidents will happen. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t do our best to make them less likely. So, while we can’t eradicate accidents completely, let’s keep those headphones off, phones down, and arguments at bay when we’re handling wheels on the road.

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