turkish real estate in high demand

Reasons why Turkish real estate is in high demand among foreign students

The Republic of Turkey is well-known among foreigners not only for its luxurious resorts, but also for its unique natural scenery, decent standard of living, and good conditions for real estate investment. A warm country can offer studying in higher education establishments with highly qualified staff, modern equipment, and relevant programmes.

Foreign students tend to rent houses and apartments. This is why many investors seeking a stable rental income buy property in Mahmutlar (the Alanya region) and other promising locations in Turkey.

Keep reading this article to find out why Turkish education attracts foreigners and what costs foreign students face.

Reasons why foreigners choose Turkish universities

Turkey remains one of the most sought-after destinations for higher education abroad with wide range of prestigious universities and up-to-date study programmes. The following is a summary of the main factors driving this trend:

1. High standards of education

The Turkish economy is developing very quickly. It is reflected in the intentions of the country’s government to compete in the international field of education. Degrees and qualifications awarded by local universities are recognized worldwide. And a growing number of courses are being taught in the English language, especially engineering, international relations, and business programmes. Many universities in Turkey have modern campuses with the latest equipment.

2. Affordable prices

Despite the fact that the quality of local education is still high, tuition fees and the cost of living are significantly lower than in most European countries. Turkish universities offer scholarships that cover tuition fees, accommodation, insurance, and travel expenses.

3. The prevalence of the English language

As it is mentioned above, more and more courses in Turkish universities are in English. Due to this tendency, it is much easier for foreign students to receive information and make new acquaintances.

How much does it cost to study in Turkey?

Many people believe that studying abroad is a costly privilege that only children of wealthy parents can have. But in the case of Turkey, it doesn’t seem to be true. Of course, each student has individual needs and possibilities. Some students do not mind living in a hostel and cooking regularly, while others only agree to live in separate apartments and eat take-outs.

A summary of the student expenses of those who have enrolled in one of the universities in Turkey can be seen below.

Tuition fee

Like most countries, Turkey has two types of higher education establishments:

• A public university;
• A private university.

In Turkey, attending public universities costs 4,200-13,200 Turkish liras (TL) a year on average, but it is necessary to bear in mind that these institutions teach only in the Turkish language. The cost of education at a private university (with programmes in English) starts at 17,600 TL a year.


The second largest expense for foreign students in Turkey is accommodation. They can choose between:

• University dorms;
• Private hostels;
• Or rent apartments or other types of real estate.

In all cases, housing costs directly depend on the selected educational institution and its location. For example, living in such popular cities as Istanbul, Alanya, and Ankara will be more expensive. Also, the area influences the price of housing. As a rule, more affordable real estate is located in the urban periphery.

Considering utilities, students of Turkish universities have to pay an average of 7,000 to 14,000 TL a month.


Medical insurance is valid for one year in Turkey. Students can renew this insurance together with their residence permits. The average annual cost of insurance is 880 TL.

Transport services

Students who live far from their universities are forced to use public transport on a daily basis. Therefore, they need to purchase a monthly pass. Foreigners studying at Turkish universities can get these passes at a discount. The average price of a student pass is 350 TL. It depends on the city and the distance.


The cost of food depends entirely on individual preferences. You can learn more about average prices in the following table:

Food The average price (in Turkish liras)
Milk (1 l) 13.57
Fresh white bread (500 g) 6.98
White rice (1 kg) 20.21
Eggs (12 pc.) 23.82
Cheese (1 kg) 84.88
Chicken fillet (1 kg) 65.49
Beef steak (1 kg) 147.47
Apples (1 kg) 11.94
Bananas (1 kg) 21.49
Oranges (1 kg) 11.04
Tomatoes (1 kg) 18.13
Potatoes (1 кг) 8.9
Onions (1 kg) 5.91
Lettuce (1 head) 11.56
Bottle of water (1.5 l) 4.6

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