7 Types of Face Shapes: How to Determine Your Own

Have you been wondering what face shape you have? From round to oval to diamond, there are people with different types of face shapes. Apart from just the fun factor, knowing what face shape you have can help you make better choices in terms of hairstyles, makeup, and glasses and enhance your look more.

In this article, I’ll give you insights on how to determine your face shape and offer some hairstyle and makeup tips that are best suited for different face shapes.

How to Determine the Shape of Your Face

Determine the Shape of Your Face

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There are some essential points to consider when figuring out your face shape. Go grab a mirror and follow these steps.

#1. Find the Widest Part of Your Face

· Forehead

If the widest part of your face is your forehead, which slowly tapers down to a narrow jaw and angled chin, then you probably have a heart-shaped or an inverted triangle face. You’ll get more insight on this in step 2.

· Cheekbones

If the widest part of your face is your cheekbone, chances are you have an oval, round, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped face.

· Jaw

You have a pear or triangular face shape if your jaw is the widest part of your face.

· Equal

If your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are almost equal in width, you probably have a square, round, or oval-shaped face.

#2. Determine Your Jaw Shape

· Round

A round jaw means you have a long, round, or oval-shaped face.

· Pointy

If your chin is pointy and cheekbones wide, with a narrow forehead, you have a diamond-shaped face. And if your chin is more angled and pointy, then your face is heart-shaped or like an inverted triangle.

· Square

A strong, wide jaw is an indication of a square-shaped face. If the jaw isn’t too defined, it could be a pear or diamond-face shape. And if the forehead, jaw, and cheekbones are equal in width, then it’s clear that you have a square-shaped face.

#3. Find Out Your Face Length

· Short

If the length and width of your face are equal, with a rounded jaw, you mostly have a round face shape. An easy way of finding out your face length would be to draw a horizontal imaginary line

below the eyes and a vertical line from the top of your head to the chin. If the ratio of horizontal to vertical is one to one, then you probably have a round face.

· Average

Average faces are ones with greater length than width. So if the horizontal to vertical ratio is one to more than one, that’s a sign of an average face shape. If the widest part of your face is your cheekbones and you have a round chin, then you mostly have an oval-shaped face.

And if you have a pointed chin along with the previously mentioned points, then it’s probably a heart-shaped or an inverted triangle face.

· Long

If the length of your face is noticeably longer than the width, you mostly have a long or oblong face shape. Your cheekbones, jaw, and forehead should all be equally wide along with a rounded jaw.

#4. Check If You Have a Widow’s Peak

Widow’s Peak

Image source: Pinterest

A widow’s peak is a distinctive, V-shaped hairline.

If your cheekbones and forehead are the widest part of your face, and along with this if you have a widow’s peak, then you perhaps have a heart-shaped face.

No widow’s peak but a pointy chin with a wide forehead may be an indication of an inverted triangle face shape.

7 Different Types of Face Shapes

Your face shape can significantly affect the hairstyle or the accessories you choose. Let’s take a look at the 7 distinct face shapes along with some hair, makeup, and beauty tips that can enhance your unique features.

#1. Oval

Oval face

Image source: Pinterest


Forehead: Tall foreheads whose width is a tiny bit wider than the curved chin and cheekbones. Think of an egg in an upside-down position.

Cheekbones: They are the widest part of the face.

Jawline: There are no sharp angles on the chin and jaw. And the jaw is narrower than the cheekbones.

Face: The length of the face will be slightly more than the width.

Celebrity Examples:

Olivia Munn, Blake Lively, Kelly Rowland, Kerry Washington

Hair Tips:

Because of its proportionality, the oval face shape looks good with almost any hairstyle of any length — from long, beachy waves to angular bobs. Add in layers near the chin, cheekbone, or lips to emphasize that feature but avoid adding too much height on top as that can make your face look oblong.

Makeup Tips:

Try to strike a balance when it comes to the lips and eyes. For example, if you choose something heavy like smokey eyes, then go for simple nude lips and arched brows. You can also use a highlighter to enhance some facial features like the nose bridge, forehead, and cheekbones.

Matching Glasses:

Square, rectangular, or geometrical shaped frames.

#2. Round

Round face

Image source: Pinterest


Forehead: A round forehead characterized by a wide hairline.

Cheekbones: They are the widest part of this face with a fullness beneath the cheekbones.

Jawline: Rounded chin and jawline with very soft angles.

Face: The length of your face is almost the same as the width. The sides of the face slightly curve outward rather than being straight.

Celebrity Examples:

Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Chrissy Teigen, Elizabeth Olsen

Hair Tips:

Round face shapes look best with long layered hair. Some side-swept bangs can also help add length, whereas short layers help to accentuate the roundness. Soft, face-framing layers and long or chin-length bobs are great hairstyles for a round face shape. If you leave your hair down, avoid tucking them behind the ears.

Makeup Tips:

Arched eyebrows look great on round faces as it helps add lines and definition to your face. Since the cheeks are the widest part of a round face, contouring can add some depth and make the angles pop out. Add in some shimmery blush to enhance your cheeks and give them a healthy glow.

Matching Glass:

Rectangular frames, angular or geometric frames, upswept frames like cat-eye or d-frame.

#3. Square

Square face

Image source: Pinterest


Forehead: Characterized by a wide, straight hairline with a forehead width that’s almost the same as the jaw.

Cheekbones: With minimal curves, the cheekbones of a square face have the same width as that of the forehead and jaw

Jawline: Strong, wide, and squared jawline that is slightly angled with a minimal curve.

Face: The sides of the face follow a straight line from the forehead to the jaw, and the face length is almost the same as the width.

Celebrity Examples:

Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie

Hair Tips:

For square-shaped faces, hairstyles that are soft at the corners and full at the sides are best. Textured long layers with side-swept bangs can accentuate the sharp features and add balance to the square shape. Long hair length can highlight the powerful and angular jawline. However, avoid blunt, straight lines and strong fringes as that can further emphasize the jawline.

Makeup Tips:

Use contouring to soften the sharp angles and add a highlighter to emphasize certain facial features. You can also use a lightly shaded concealer under your cheek hollows and on the forehead. Another best way to take away the attention from the jaws would be to draw more attention to the lips. Go for some dramatic colors like coral, purple, or bright red.

Matching Glass:

Round glasses or an oval-shaped frame.

#4. Diamond

Diamond face

Image source: Pinterest


Forehead: In diamond-shaped faces, the forehead width is smaller than the cheekbone width.

Cheekbones: Cheekbones are high and significantly wider than the jawline and forehead.

Jawline: The jawline is narrow with a strong, pointed chin.

Face: The length and width of the face are almost the same. If you were to draw lines from the hairline center to the cheekbones and chin, it would mirror a diamond shape.

Celebrity Examples:

Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lopez

Hair Tips:

Textured shags, long layers, and side-swept bangs can complement your diamond-shaped face. Hairstyles with narrow sides and fullness at the chin work best for diamond-shaped faces. Bob is a good example.

You can also add straight, soft fringes to shorten the face. Long length can soften the angles of the diamond shape, and you can tuck your hair behind the ears to highlight those prominent cheekbones.

Makeup Tips:

Pouty lips, contoured sides, and highlighting facial features are some of the best makeup techniques you can use on a diamond-shaped face.

Matching Glass:

Cat-eye glasses, horn-rimmed glasses, oval, or rectangular frames.

#5. Heart

Heart face

Image source: Pinterest


Forehead: Heart-shaped faces are characterized by foreheads that are wider than the jawline. Almost like an upside-down triangle. A rounded hairline with a V-shaped point in the forehead center, also known as the widow’s peak, is another one of its prominent features.

Cheekbones: Cheekbones’ width is almost the same as the forehead, and they are both wider than the jawline.

Jawline: A narrow jawline with a strong, narrow, and pointed chin.

Face: The length of the face is slightly longer than its width.

Celebrity Examples:

Chloë Grace Moretz, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Hyland

Hair Tips:

Side-swept bangs can help disguise the wide width of the heart-shaped face’s forehead. A hairstyle that is fuller at the jaws can also help add weight to the narrow chin. Long layers, pixie cuts, and brow-grazing fringes are some other examples. Try to avoid hairstyles that highlight the forehead or cheekbones’ width.

Makeup Tips:

If you have a heart-shaped, you probably have an angular jaw. Smokey eyes can be a perfect way of balancing this sharp feature. You can use bronzer contouring to give a soft look since heart-shaped faces already have some depth and definition. Some high-intensity, voluminous mascara to the eyelashes can be a great add-on.

Matching Glass:

Oval-shaped frames, light-colored or rimless frames, bottom-heavy frames, frames with low-set temples.

#6. Pear

Pear face

Image source: Pinterest


Forehead: Also called a triangular face, a pear-shaped face is characterized by a narrow and small forehead and a large jawline.

Cheekbones: Cheekbones are almost as narrow as the forehead.

Jawline: A pear-shaped face is characterized by jaws that are the widest part of the face.

Face: The length of the face is longer than its width.

Celebrity Examples:

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Minnie Driver, Kelly Osbourne, Jenna Ushkowitz, Ellie Kemper

Hair Tips:

Long hairstyles can disguise the prominence of the jawline. Choose hairstyles that minimize the jawline width and softens the edges. If you consider going for a shorter haircut, choose one that adds fullness to the top of the face and creates an illusion of a wider forehead. Heavy rounded bangs can also work great on a pear-shaped face by perfectly bringing out your eyes as well.

Makeup Tips:

Contouring is the best makeup technique to use for a pear-shaped face. However, avoid contouring on the forehead as it’s already pretty narrow. You can use some highlighter or shimmer on your cheekbones and forehead to make them pop.

Matching Glass:

Cat-eyes glasses, D-frames, aviator.

#7. Oblong

Oblong face

Image source: Pinterest


Forehead: Also known as the rectangular face, this is characterized by a long and narrow bone structure with a high forehead. The hairline follows a straight line and the forehead is almost of the same width as the jaw.

Cheekbones: With minimal curves, the width of the cheekbones is almost the same as the jaw and forehead.

Jawline: This face shape is characterized by a strong and squared jawline with a slightly curved chin.

Face: The face length is twice as long as its width, almost like an elongated square face. The sides of the face follow a straight line from the forehead to the jaw.

Celebrity Examples:

Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Gisele Bündchen, Joan Smalls, Liv Tyler.

Hair Tips:

Choose hairstyles that add fullness to the sides and keep volume above the ears. Long hair can pull the face down and make it appear even longer. Hence, short hairstyles or adding shorter layers can help frame the face and balance its shape. Curls and waves can also make the face appear wider. Avoid straight, flat hair with no movement or volume.

Makeup Tips:

For rectangular faces, the trick is to soften the temples and jaws. Contouring and bronzer are thus your best options. Along with this, winged eyeliner can help make the eyes look bigger and wider while some soft blush to the cheeks can add a pretty flush of color.

Matching Glass:

Cat-eye, rectangular frames, tall and wide rims with colorful decorative temples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Attractive Face Shape?

Several factors determine face shapes, and each face shape is beautiful in its own way. However, a study conducted at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia found that the heart-shaped face with a wide forehead and pointy chin is considered the most attractive of all.

The scientists analyzed the facial measurements from photos of 55 beautiful female models and quantified that the vertical distance between the eyes and cheekbones should be 13.1mm to be classified as attractive.

Generally, a slim face with high cheekbones, large eyes, and full lips are considered to be very attractive.

Exercises for A Good Face Shape

Just like other parts of our body, it’s equally important to work out your face muscles to keep them fit and toned. Try these simple facial exercises to help strengthen facial muscles and fight signs of aging.

1. The Brow-Raiser

Place your fingers over your brows and softly push the skin down. Move your brows up and down while your fingers create resistance against the movement. Repeat at least 10 times.

2. The Cheekbone Lift

To create toned and defined cheekbones, gently lift each cheekbone until they are taut. Then open your mouth to form an “O” shape. Maintain the resistance in your cheek muscles. Hold for about 5 seconds and repeat 10 to 15 times.

3. The Cheek Squeeze

Tilt your head back, thrust your chin forward and suck your cheeks in. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 to 15 times. This is the best exercise to gain a slim face.

4. The Jaw Flex

This is the best exercise to get rid of that double chin and have a toned jawline. Incline your head far back until you’re looking up at the ceiling. Move your lower jaw as far down as possible such that you can distinctly feel the tension near the ears. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

5. The Puffy Cheek

Puff your cheeks and move the air from one cheek to another. Repeat for around 20 seconds. This is the best facial exercise to have wrinkle-free skin folds and to reduce the laugh lines around your mouth.

6. Smile

The best and the simplest exercise of all. Smile widely with your lips closed and hold the smile for around 10 seconds. Repeat at least 10 times. Not only does it help tone your facial muscles, but it can act as a mood lifter too.

7. Move Your Tongue

Stick out your tongue and stretch it as far as possible, almost as if you were attempting to touch the chin. Hold the pose for about 10 seconds till you feel the muscle tension.

8. Fish Face

This exercise simultaneously works on all areas of your cheeks along with the jaws. Purse your lips and suck in the cheeks to resemble the fish face while simultaneously pushing the corner of your lips into a smile. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10–15 times.

A Few Parting Words

Hopefully, these tips and steps have helped you figure out your face shape. Whether oval, round, square, or heart, always remember that all types of face shapes are equally beautiful. The insights provided here are just to help you pick out the best haircut, makeup, or style of glasses that can further accentuate your beauty.

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