ultimate concert travel guide

The Ultimate Concert Travel Guide: Tips, Tricks & Where To Go

In your life, you will meet people with different preferences. They all have different hobbies and interests, and among them, you will find those who enjoy traveling for concerts. You will see them keep track of every tour and plan their next trip to attend a live show.

They always know where to buy event tickets, which hotel to book, and how to explore the city before the concert starts.

There are hundreds of thousands of concerts happening around the globe every year. These events offer something for everyone, whether you’re into rock, country, hip hop, or jazz, from pop superstars to indie bands.

If you love music, then you know concerts are always better when they take place at a good venue. And concert travelers keep this in mind when they buy tickets for their favorite band.

You can see some of them travel to the neighboring country, but so many will go to another continent if needed. If you recognize yourself in this description, we have a few suggestions on how to make the whole experience smoother for you.

1. How to get there?

Traveling by plane may be the easiest way to arrive at your destination. If you travel overseas, that’s also the most convenient way. But, what do you say about an excellent road trip with your friends? Or simply traveling by bus?

For adventurous people, the whole experience starts from the moment they leave the house. They book hotels and plan to explore the city before the live event. It’s probably the best thing you can do, especially if you need to travel for hours to get there.

2. How to Find Tickets?

Tickets are now available online, and you can book them immediately after the concert is announced. We suggest you keep track of it using ticket services and official websites. That’s how you get real-time updates and can book tickets right on time.

Also, keep an eye on Facebook ads or even check the local venues that may have access to early bird tickets. You can subscribe to their newsletters and receive updates whenever a new artist announces a live performance.

That’s how you find tickets on time, for a more competitive price.

3. Where to Stay?

You have a few options for your stay. The easiest one is to book a hotel, but sometimes it can be a huge expense. Luckily, you have Booking or Airbnb to help you find exceptional and cheaper places to stay. You can be even more tactical, book accommodation near the venue, and use your spare time to explore the city.

Everyone should have this experience at least once in their life. The excitement is so big, and the feeling is great.

Besides hotels, cheaper hostels work just fine for these purposes. Hostels often offer dormitory-style accommodations that range in size depending on how many people are staying in them. Many people find them uncomfortable because they need to share a room with strangers. But, if you are a group of four or more people, it’s a great way to save money.

4. Best Places to Catch Live Concerts

Even though there are thousands of cities around the world offering great concert experiences. But, some of them are exceptional when hosting famous artists in their cities.

There are so many places around we can say are music homes, but New York, Paris, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Austin are literal leaders. Don’t forget to pay attention to Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, etc. If you are in Europe, you must check on Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, or even Glasgow in Scotland.

People who live in Europe can easily organize this type of adventure because they can travel to another country in just a few hours and have an exceptional musical experience there.

5. Make a Plan for the Whole Experience

You can’t simply get on a bus and expect everything will go fine. Even though you want to be spontaneous, you need to plan the concert trips in advance.

That means you need to buy the tickets on time, and book accommodation a few weeks before the concert. If you go to a particular city for the first time, make sure you know enough about it, or at least plan how to get there.

Planning ahead also saves time and money. If you are an adventurer, you probably want to save on some expenses. So, plan things on time, and you can manage the budget more efficiently.

6. What to Pack for the Trip

You don’t need to pack a lot of things for the concert. Make sure you have enough clothes to change during the days you stay. Don’t forget to take a lightweight jacket, especially if you attend an open-air concert.

People often pack huge backpacks, which they need to take to the venue. Keep it small and pack only the things you really need. If you book accommodation, make sure you extend your stay for a day or two after the concert. That gives you enough freedom not to bring your backpack to the event. Also, you can have a proper rest after the concert, and enough time to explore the surroundings.

7. Better Seats in Less Crowded Cities

Many people love a more intimate atmosphere, so they choose less crowded cities for their ultimate concert experience. Chances are, you will find fan pit or front-row seats easier than the popular cities. Also, you can save money because prices are often adjusted according to the local economic conditions.

8. VIP Tickets and Offers are Still Expensive

We know that it’s pretty expensive to book VIP tickets with a table and drinks. You can expect the price to go up depending on the city you travel to. Also, if you want to attend an A-list star concert, you have to prepare more cash for that experience.

Finally, you are the one who plans these things and makes sure the concert won’t squeeze all the money out of your pockets.

9. Make Sure you Don’t Skip on Your Meals

Many people get too excited when traveling for concerts, so they forget to eat and drink water. They realize that only alcohol and sugary drinks are available at the show when it’s too late.

Traveling can mess with your schedule, but it’s essential to always have regular meals and stay hydrated. You don’t want to get too hungry during the concert and ruin your whole experience.

10. Always Bring Enough Sanitary Products

Antibacterial wet wipes, paper towels, and other hygienic and sanitary products are a must. Concert venues may look perfect, but they are never completely clean. Also, sprays and wipes can be used in the hotel room or accommodation to ensure everything is clean before using the toilet or the cutlery.

11. Bring Some Extra Money

Make sure you bring enough money with you when you leave home. If you stay somewhere for longer than a few days, then you should definitely bring enough cash for your adventure. Keep some extra money in your bag in case you lose your wallet or someone steals it.

We don’t really want to suggest the worst-case scenario, but unpredictable things can happen when you travel abroad.

Final Words

No matter your age, traveling for concerts can be an exceptional experience for those who want it. You can follow your favorite artist in a few cities or attend a festival. Sometimes, some artists skip to your city when on tour. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that, because people today travel for concerts more than ever before.

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