unforgettable adventures in greenland

Unforgettable Adventures In Greenland: Exploring The Arctic Circle

Greenland is one exciting place, and it all starts with the name. When you hear the name Greenland, it is easy to think it is a country mainly covered in vegetation. However, that is far from the case. Greenland is a mass of land in the arctic circle with more than 80% ice. This makes it the perfect destination for anyone looking for an Arctic circle expedition.

Besides the ice landscape, there is a lot that will make your expedition tour to Greenland worthwhile. You just need to plan. Have the right gear which you can find at Prepared Bee, finances, and everything you need to make the trip worth the time. If you need to learn how to have an unforgettable adventure in Greenland, here are some of the best places to see in Greenland.

The Viking Ruins

The Vikings are some of the earliest people to inhabit Greenland. The movies have made them popular, making it quite fascinating to see some old structures they left behind. In the Greenland Viking Ruins, you can take pictures of the settlements they left behind and learn about their history.

You can also see and interact with Viking artifacts such as swords, and hunting, and fishing tools. If learning about the Vikings beyond what is popularized in pop culture excites you, Greenland is an excellent place to visit today.

The Greenland National Park

The Greenland North East National Park is one of the largest in the world and covers almost 25% of the total landmass of Greenland. Besides the size, this national park has one of the most rugged terrains in the Arctic. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoor environment unlike any other you can see at the North Pole. Not only is it perfect for fitness, but the environment is perfect for photography.

Disko Bay

One of the biggest attractions for anyone exploring the north pole is the icebergs. The good news is that you will see many of them while in Greenland. Some adventure tours are specifically tailored to give you as much video and photo time of the icebergs as possible. Disko Bay is undoubtedly one of the best reasons a trip to Greenland is worth considering.

Prins Christian Fjord

This is easily one of the best places to visit in Greenland and is perfect for those who enjoy hiking and other adventurous outdoor activities. This place is named after a famous Danish royal and comprises large cliffs, glaciers, and rivers. By the time you finish this 100-km voyage, you will have enjoyed an outdoor hike unlike any other and taken tons of videos and photos for your memories of Greenland and the Arctic circle in general.

The Greenland Ice Sheet

Nothing makes Greenland such a nice place to visit like seeing the Greenland ice sheet. The ice sheet is the second largest globally and is perfect for watching, especially at sunrise and sunset. Another thing you will enjoy while visiting the Greenland ice sheet is the helicopter flight-seeing and the plane landings on ice sheets. It is unlike anything you see anywhere else besides the North Pole.


An adventure trip to Greenland would only be complete with a feel of the culture. That’s where Qaanaaq, a town in the north, comes into the picture. The town allows you to interact with some of the earliest tribes to set foot on Greenland, who have been there for millennia.


With the right tour company and proper planning, you will have an unforgettable trip to Greenland. Greenland has a lot to offer, ranging from its vast ice sheets to historical sites with a lot of cultural significance, such as the Viking Ruins.

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