birthday gift ideas for men

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

You know that you need to take a trip to the mall to buy a gift whenever any of your friends or family members have a birthday coming up. However, how to keep things interesting and get something different year after year? Everyone struggles over what they should buy for a person who has a birthday coming up.

You might have also gone through the same agony at least once in your life. You might feel the pressure because you want the person to like what you give them on their special day.

Many people also go another way and come up with a birthday idea rather than a birthday gift which could be taking the person on a trip or giving them a gift coupon to their favorite store. Coming up with a birthday idea for any woman, best friend, or child in your life can turn out to be even harder than getting the traditional gift.

Your relationship with the person will determine what kind of gift you want to give them. For instance, you will give your best friend something special compared to a work colleague you have known for a few months. You need to tailor your gift according to their preferences.

Similarly, if you want to give a gift to your father or your boyfriend, you need to find out what they enjoy doing and get them a gift based on that. All men are different and have different choices so below are some unique birthday gift ideas that are suitable for all men.


You can never go wrong with buying a wallet as a birthday gift. As a wallet has become a fashionable item, you can find several luxurious and stylish options. You can choose from many different designs and brands.

A wallet is a fashionable gift that can act functional as well which is why this would make a great gift for your father, brother, or husband.

Gift subscription for Netflix

If you want to get something more suitable for today’s time, a gift card for an online subscription to Netflix is perfect. Your friend can use the gift card even if he has a Netflix account and enjoy the wide array of movies and TV shows.

From comedy movies to the best football documentaries, Netflix has something for everyone. He can watch all the content he wants to his heart’s content. This is one of those gifts that will definitely be put to use and wouldn’t go to waste.

Pair of sports shoes

If you know someone who is a fitness freak or enjoys hitting the gym, a pair of sports shoes would be a wonderful gift. Just like wallets, shoes also have numerous colors and designs for everyone’s preferences. They even have special features that can give the person comfort while he is working out.

With the combination of fashion and comfort, your friend will definitely fall in love with this gift and enjoy wearing those shoes whenever he can.

Customized mug

This gift can be a fantastic option for someone you are quite close to as it’s more sentimental. Giving them a customized mug is a thoughtful gift and shows that you put effort into it.

You can choose how you want to personalize the mug, whether you want to include his name or something symbolic between the two of you. Additionally, every time he drinks his coffee or tea, he will think of you and how thoughtful your gift was.

Cocktail/Mocktail kit gift box

Anyone who is a fan of spirits and drinks would want a cocktail or an alcohol kit. There are many different types of cocktail kits with different alcohols.

A cocktail kit basically has the ingredients to make the intended drink. The ingredients can include mixers, syrups, garnishes, and much more. Some gift boxes even come with an instructions list and the recipe to make it yourself.

If your friend doesn’t drink alcohol, you could find many alternatives to the cocktail kit, known as the mocktail kit. So, your friend can enjoy the essence of this gift box even if he doesn’t drink alcohol.

Men’s grooming kit

If you have tried to find gift ideas for your friend and still haven’t had luck, you can always buy him a grooming kit as a last resort. A men’s grooming kit has several useful things that men need every day like sunscreen, face wash, or moisturizer.

A grooming kit is always appealing to all men no matter their preferences or age. As there are several brands, you can select one with the best products.


If you are ever stuck while trying to buy the perfect gift, you can refer to this list. At the end of the day, getting the perfect gift is up to you as you know the person well. You know their likes, dislikes, or what kind of gift would make them happy.

Go ahead with your intuition and get your friend the best possible gift, whether it’s from this list or something you came up with on your own.

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