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Tips for Using Video in Social Media Campaigns: Be Successful

As videos are becoming the most popular type of content among users, video content is becoming a vital part of social media marketing. Today we will talk about using videos in social media marketing strategy, discuss different types of videos, and look at several video-making tools.

Social Media Marketing Goals

First, what are the purposes of SMM in general? They are – to communicate with your target audience on social network platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., to capture people’s attention and engage them to interact with you. Whether you aim to keep in touch with your customers or attract new clients, all of this is about social media marketing.

Being the most captivating content, videos play an essential role in SMM campaigns as they can be a perfect addition to all kinds of posts – and even replace these posts. In a video, you can announce a new product, give some tips and life hacks, or share some exciting stories about your product. A creative how-to video can be an excellent tutorial, and a funny video from your team is a suitable variant of entertaining content.

Video Marketing Content Plan

And here we come to the necessity to make a content plan that should include different types of videos – just as you use different kinds of posts. So, what types of videos is it better to publish?

Informative Videos

It would be best if this kind of video prevailed on your channel. Among informative videos, there can be video instructions for your products, different life hacks related to them, some interesting news in your sphere, etc. This kind of video content is vital as it can give valuable information to users and solve some of their problems.

Nowadays, it is crucial for people to feel that a brand takes care of them, not only tries to sell something. Informative videos are an excellent way to show this kind of care; the learning video from the Nikon channel is a perfect example of such content.

Video Testimonials and Reviews

This kind of video content can help you gain your potential clients’ trust because people often can be doubtful about online brands. Videos from your existing customers can help to dispel these doubts, so it is a good idea to ask customers to shoot testimonials and reviews on your products for you. Unboxing videos would also work perfectly to show in detail what exactly a person would get if they purchase from you.

Entertaining Videos

For modern people, it is essential to have an opportunity to give some rest to their brains. That is why funny videos with cats are so popular. It would be great to add some humorous videos that can let your audience relax and just laugh.

It can make people feel comfortable and calm so that they want to come back to you to feel it again. Here is a good example of an entertaining video by IKEA – nothing serious, only a short amusing clip.

Announcements and Ad

Now, when you filled your channel with helpful content so that users were interested, you can start promoting your products more actively. It is good to advertise products that are bestsellers among your customers and announce new coming items. A good sample of the ad is the beautiful video by Zippo announcing a limited edition of lighters.

It would be best if you combined all of these types of content. Then your channel would be valuable for users, and at the same time, it would promote your brand in a more effective way.

Videos and Branding

Brand videos are vital for the success of social media campaigns as they form your image and an impression about you. Such a video should present your brand and your values as you want your target audience to see them. At the same time, brand videos also need to be exciting for people to be engaged to join your community after watching them.

How to create a video that would be a good presentation of your company and, at the same time – exciting content for your viewers? Here is a small guide:

  1. First, determine the portrait of your target audience. You need to know precisely what is interesting for these people, what they like, and what they are waiting for.
  2. Tell a story your audience wants to hear. Write a script for your video bearing in mind the portrait of your audience. Ask yourself: do they want to listen to this kind of story? Are they interested in it?
  3. Keep your brand elements aligned. Brand videos are the best way to show your style and your unique writing, so do not leave any kind of mess that can attract your viewers’ attention.
  4. Do not forget about the colors and the logo of your brand. These are the two most important parts of your visual style, so it is necessary to present them.
  5. When publishing a video, do not hesitate to ask people to share their opinions about your brand video. It is an excellent way to contact your audience and make your content better and better with the help of your community.

Keep Your Eye on Trends

Another success secret is to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to trends. The audience’s preferences are changing quickly, and it is vital to know what people consider exciting and worth their attention right now. Though different platforms can sometimes have different and rather specific trends, there are some pieces of advice that will be relevant for all social media.

Include Subtitles

Statistics say that most users prefer watching videos without sound for different reasons. Adding subtitles can be a good idea since people will not miss any information whether they mute a video or not.

Improve the Quality of Videos

As video marketing is turning more and more popular now, you are going to have a lot of competitors. It is important to put a lot of thought in your script and level up your video editing skills to create unique and outstanding content.

People are also becoming more demanding about the quality of videos. If you want your content to be attractive and engaging for modern users, using proper tools becomes a necessity. Whether you prefer online editors or desktop software, there are plenty of options out there.

Make It Simple

Bear in mind that not all of your subscribers are professionals in your sphere. It would be best if you gave them information in an easy-to-understand way. Using animation and infographics can be a good idea since it helps make complicated things more accessible.

A video collage maker can also help you create a step-by-step instruction and get your message across.

Instagram Tips

Instagram offers various options for publishing videos: stories, posts, IGTV, and Instagram Live are all different tools. Stories are great for creating brand awareness with the “in-the-moment” content. Posts will suit for advertisements as the format of a short video lets you create an eye-catching clip.

IGTV can work perfectly for more serious content: informative videos, instructions, and reviews. Instagram Live streams can help you attract users’ attention by appearing at the top of your subscribers’ Instagram feeds. Using all opportunities of this platform can help you to succeed.

Facebook Tips

Videos on Facebook can also help you with creating your brand awareness and attracting the audience’s attention. Two options you should know about are live streams and ads. Live streams can help you grab users’ attention and make a dialog with them. Video ads can work perfectly for making your audience informed about your products.

YouTube Tips

As YouTube is the largest video hosting service, it is a great platform to promote your brand with the help of video marketing. First, it is necessary to create a channel for your brand – it would be a business account. Then, you need to develop your content plan.

And one more essential detail: it would be best if you posted regularly and at the same time so that users could get used to the schedule and knew what time they should visit your channel to see a new video.

Final Words

Since video content is becoming an irreplaceable part of any social media campaign, business owners need to keep an eye on trends and adapt tactics and content plans to them. Using these social media tips can help you avoid many mistakes and reach success.

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