Versatile Perfumes Are A Must For Women In 2023

Choosing a perfume that you will want to wear every day can be challenging, as you’ll want to consider not just how it smells, but also its longevity, whether it will have the right impact across a host of situations and more.

This means that a versatile fragrance that ticks all of the right boxes can be the best option, as you won’t have the additional concern of smelling right as you go about your day. 2023 is the year of new beginnings and as we settle into a new normal after the effects of Covid, perfumes that have the ability to transition are a must.

What makes a versatile perfume?

Before we take a look at the intrinsics, let’s take a moment to appreciate fragrance dupe Fruity Almond, inspired by Carolina Herrera perfume Good Girl and brought to you by premium fragrance designers Dossier. You can expect a fun and flirty fragrance that is perfect for any occasion and transitions well from day to night – and the great news is that it is lovingly crafted using vegan, cruelty-free ingredients that have been sustainably sourced.

While it can be a good idea to select a versatile fragrance, there isn’t exactly a definitive answer to what actually makes a specific perfume fall into this category. There are a host of factors that will make a scent ideal for you and your needs, so let’s take a look at what you’ll want to keep in mind:

• Your body chemistry can have an impact on how certain fragrances perform and dry down

• On a more general scale, fragrances with strong base notes will be more suited to everyday wear and will provide some much-needed longevity

• Keep in mind that summery scents lean toward more citrus profiles whereas winter ones are more likely to be woody and spicy, so it can be a good idea to find a perfume that has a little bit of everything for ultimate wearability

• Fresh scents will work better for transitional situations than heavier, more sophisticated scents

The key takeaway for versatile scents

What we can learn from the above is that there a quite a few considerations to keep in mind for a versatile fragrance, but your personal preferences should also come into play. After all, you will need to like the perfume that you’ll be wearing every day, so look into the scent profiles on offer, define the types of scents that you prefer and then apply the above points to increase the chances of it working for you.

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