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Best Vibrators for Women for Just the Right Feels

Over a few years, women have started using pleasure toys. However, it has been taboo for a long time to even talk about such sex tools. But as the world advances, confidence in both genders is booming. It has been made clear that pleasure, masturbation; erotica, sex, and even porn are no longer limited to men. Women are entitled to feel aroused as much as men, maybe even more because women are sexually more active.

Women can get self orgasm themselves, and that makes them more sexually active than men. This means that women need satisfaction and frequently.

Women’s climax

Socially active women understand that not every time a man will satisfy their needs. Sometimes you have to help yourself to orgasm even after some vigorous coitus!

That is because women have erotic zones similar to mean. Some women find stimulation with penetration while others reach climax with clitoris stimulation. The third category of women needs both internal stimulations with penetration and external clitoris stimulation.

While many men may never know many of the erogenous zones that a woman may want to have stimulated and end up penetrating, giving almost half satisfaction is where women feel masturbating.

Manual Masturbation

Women do masturbate with their hands, and there is nothing wrong with it. Like how men have the urge to release themselves every once in a while, so do women. Female masturbation aims to fit the G-spot, which is located between the vagina and the urethra, with some external stimulation.

The motion that women use to masturbate is known as the ‘come hither movement’. While women play with themselves, it can start with touching themselves and helps one or two fingers to their vagina and move them inside until they hit the G-spot. Again, knowing your own body helps precisely what your body needs and how long you need it for.

Over time vibrators from took over and provided pulsations as no human hands can mimic and amplify to any level.

Vibrators the new name for pleasure

Over the years, women feel confident in expressing their sexuality, which means they express their needs and wants as openly and any human being should. There are specific vibrators for women who want to enhance their pleasure and maximize their masturbation.

While self-masturbation can take time and energy, it strains the arms and back way more than the pleasure. While a sex tool to pulsate in a more accurate and erotic pattern will enhance the fun, reduce the effort, and help you with a quick orgasm. Here are few such devices designed for pleasure seekers;

1.  Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit

This bold looking pink wand comes with two itchy ears projecting from the main shaft. Providing three motion intensities and seven patterns allows all pleasure seekers to indulge in internal and external stimulations. The climax is fantastic, providing waterproof characteristics and rechargeable batteries.

Using a mixture of all three intensities and patterns can make it noisy, making you moan out loud.

2.  Silencer whisper Quiet Classic vibrator.

These rippling ridges designed vibrators are for households that are always on alert or need a quiet and intimate experience alone or with their partner—mostly beating the other tools that roar loud on higher intensities. This sex device remains quiet and can be used for both penetration and clitoris stimulation.

It is highly suggested for beginners as it is a simple tool to use and has basic features. However, it still can turn wild with just the right stimulations.

3.  Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator

Many women who have used this dance in their pants recommend it as an orgasm at your fingertips. This wand is magical with a headpiece that moves in angles no human can reciprocate. The orgasms are quick and everlasting.

71% of women have used this and recommended this as a fantastic device. It is not rechargeable but has an extra-long cord to maximize your pleasure while you jolt your way through the pleasure.

4.  Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet vibrator

This tiny device is so discrete for being a sex toy. It is a slim, sleek small tool that might never be thought of as a stimulant even if someone finds it in your room. It can be embarrassing for some women who may have their dildos and other sex toys caught.

But do not go on its sleek look; they can rock your world like no other tool you have ever used. They are rechargeable and waterproof. That means you can enjoy yourself while you bath and relax more sensationally.

For women working or having kids in their house, this is the best option for all the ladies. The perk of having this little tool is you can carry it around for a bit of adventure.

5.  Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit vibrator

A classy black wand with two tickle projections from the shaft is the only thing that looks common with other vibrators. It is named precisely how it leaves you—feeling greedy and wanting for. This pleasure device is an amazingly programmed, rechargeable, powerful and overwhelming design to carry almost 36 combinations. The tiny tickle projections are for stimulating the clitoris while the curvature of the shaft hits the G-spot well.

This device is for women looking for a challenge. If you want to keep your relationship spiced up, you may want to use this little fellow. It might help, but your sex life back on track.

6.  Basics Love Egg vibrators.

Having an egg dangling in the erogenous zones will make you want to cross your legs. This design is for daredevils. Her egg is supposed to be inserted for a penetration climax and vibrate and different intensities. If you do not want a full penetration climax, you can always use the egg to pulsate your clitoris for incredible clitoris stimulation.

Women who prefer something more can insert it as deep as they like for an experience they might enjoy like no other.


With emerging times, it seems like erotic devices have become female’s best friends. In times of need, in times of pleasure, and in times of distress, these little devices have proven their worth to give pleasure and relieve stress. There are many devices for women to find while keeping in mind everybody is different, and every woman’s bodily demands are as different as their bodies. Picking the right one will only make you feel out of this world.

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