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Want A New Bracelet? Read This First

Since ancient times, cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, and bangles have defined personality styles. From minimal styles to defiantly bold statements, designers haven’t stopped refining the primary form. You are in the right place if you are looking to learn more about the types of bracelets to match your unique style.

In this guide, you will also discover how to pick the perfect wrist jewelry and how to style them.

Shopping Tips for Bracelets

Are you buying a bracelet for a dash of style or as a gift? Either way, you need to be sure about what works and what doesn’t. The last thing you want is a piece of accessory that clashes with your personal style.

Here are things to consider if you want a new bracelet to look good on you. Decide the Style of Bracelet Maybe you prefer bangles to cuffs. Perhaps you want to try a charm bracelet for the first time. Remember that these styles are available in different subsets.

Bangles hardly go out of fashion thanks to their casual identity. You can wear bangles with just anything. They make perfect gifts since they are made to last longer. If you want a charm bracelet, you’ll have various styles at your disposal: custom-made, multi-link, traditional, or cable. Choose the pieces that strike your interest and mix them as you wish. Don’t forget to space them accordingly or use a vintage-inspired dressing style.

Know Your Wrist Size How Big or Small is Your Wrist?

Have this information before placing an order. To calculate the size, take the wrist’s circumference using a tape measure. Most bracelet sizes on sale fall anywhere between ¾ of an inch to 1½ inches. Larger sizes give a more sumptuous drape. Avoid too big a drape as it can make your pieces fall off.

If you have a narrow wrist, avoid large and bulky sizes. Similarly, make sure you know the wrist size of the person you want to gift with a bracelet. Again, it should be in line with their individual preferences. If unsure, check their jewelry box or ask something general about their jewelry taste.

Varieties of Bracelets You Should Consider

Shopping for the ideal bracelet seems like a hit-or-miss experience, given the vast number of market designs. The word bracelet is a general term with many categories. Here are the most common types of bracelets and what makes them unique.

Chain Bracelets

Traditionally, a chain bracelet is like a chain designed with interlinked metallic loops. The three top choices are gold, silver, and metal chain bracelets. To make the process of wearing and taking off easier, these pieces of jewel come with clasps. It is possible to turn them into charm accessories by attaching different elements. No matter the occasion, a chain bracelet can do the trick.

Designer Bracelets

A designer bracelet is a high-end piece that comes at a relatively higher price. They are fanciful and often shiny, courtesy of the materials that make them, e.g., platinum, gold, and diamond. A good designer customizes a designer bracelet, making it unique to the buyers’ taste. That’s why designer bracelets are passed on as heirlooms since they last for decades.


Bangles are types of rigid bracelets without openings or clasps. They are a wardrobe staple and popular hand jewelry in Asia and India. Wearing a bangle requires you to slide it over the palm and onto the wrist. It is, therefore, designed to be loose so it can move around. The good thing about bangles is that you can layer several pieces or combine them with similar jewelry.

If you prefer a single bangle, choose a large statement piece that complements your outfit. Pearl Bracelets Like beaded gemstones, pearl bracelets are made up of crystals. The classic style has been around for thousands of years. Their sophistication and elegance suit many occasions. You can choose neutral hues like black and white. The latter is the most popular since it blends perfectly with any attire. Contemporary designers are very creative and find unique ways to combine crystals into pearl bracelets.

Charm Bracelets

They rose to fame in the earliest 20th Century when soldiers collected small treasures from the battlefields. Those treasures became keepsakes that people would link together to form a chain. This is where the concept of charm bracelets originated. Jewel collectors found new ways to help people keep the souvenirs with charm bracelets. You can buy one depending on your hobbies, mood, wishes, or career.

Tennis Bracelets

These are a classic alternative for any event, be it a tennis match or a red-carpet occasion. Gemstone tennis bracelets can merge well into any theme. Others have a diamond line that features a series of diamonds to fit around the wrist. Cuff Bracelets If you are looking for an inflexible bangle alternative, the cuff bracelet is the way to go.

The only difference is that it has an opening, so you don’t need to slide in your palm. But there is no clasp or any other form of closure. You may choose a metallic, silver, or gold cuff. Many cuffs feature bold silhouettes, with thinner ones being more appropriate for regular and casual outfits. Anyone can wear them since it is unisex.

Wooden Bracelets Wooden beads can form a bracelet if cleverly set together. Alternatively, designers may carve out a timber to form a wooden bracelet. They differ in color, shape, and size. The color depends on the type of wood used.

A wooden bracelet is funky and can instantly make you the center of attention in a crowd. Beaded Bracelets If you adore the bohemian style, then a beaded bracelet is one of the versatile pieces to have in your closet. It has also been long used in meditation and spiritual ceremonies. Beads come in various forms, e.g., glass, plastic, and gemstones. It is a popular form of wrist jewelry due to its simplicity and ability to customize to the buyer’s liking. For a casual look, stack a beaded bracelet with other bracelet varieties.

Slider Bracelets As the name suggests, a slider gets into the wrist by sliding it to a comfortable position on the arm. If you find clasps and other forms of closure annoying, a slider bracelet can prevent the annoyance. It is not only simple but easy to put on. Depending on your taste, you can have a boho, chic, or casual slider bracelet.

Hololith Bracelets

The term Hololith generally refers to a ring sculpted from stone. Hololith bracelet consists of durable gemstone or jade, so it is a long-lasting piece. It can be expensive considering the quality of the jade used. Some imitational varieties are made of plastic and glass, but they come cheaply.

Affirmation Bracelets Sometimes, you want to display a personal motto, quote, or inspiring word. Then an affirmation bracelet is stylish to display your message. An affirmation bracelet serves as a constant reminder of what you value the most and are crafted in any style mentioned above.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have been used for a long since the days of hippie culture in the 70s. They used to be an anti-war sentiment, but today they have become a popular trend among the youths. A friendship bracelet is usually made of woven string that forms a pattern. It is a perfect item to gift a friend.

How to Style Bracelets

There are plenty of ways to rock in bracelets, whether worn on a single or both wrists. It all comes down to your preferences and what you wear them with. Check the Sleeve Length Your sleeve size is a crucial factor for styling any bracelet.

For a long-sleeved top, consider other types of jewelry instead, such as drooping earrings or a long necklace. Only put on a bracelet with shorter sleeves about ¾ in length. After all, you want to show off rather than hiding the accessory.

Mix and Matching

You can combine a broad spectrum of bracelet styles, colors, ad sizes. It is okay to mix and match the designs on both wrists. However, make sure that they complement one another to avoid a messy look. Unless it is a bangle of the same style, avoid mixing metals like silver, platinum, and gold. Instead, mix metallic bangles with other types of bracelets, including pearls, beads, or coral. But do not over-accessorize putting on too much jewelry.

Comfort Bracelets are cute, but some materials are not always comfortable. As much as you want a beautiful piece, make sure it is comfortable and safe for your wrist. Ensure your hand can stand the weight throughout the day and that it doesn’t tangle up with stuff while working. Complement, Don’t Match the Outfit It can be fun to have a wrist accessory that mimics the rest of the clothes. But this would not be a good idea with solid colors.

Preferably, choose bangles with bits of color that complement your outfits. Your jewelry will only stand out if it had different hues. Please keep it simple and classic without making your attire look chaotic.

Sometimes, you want attention from a crowd with a piece of noticeable jewelry. If you want to tell a story, go ahead and flaunt a show-stopping bracelet. By styling bracelets on both wrists, you can enhance your overall silhouette. Just be careful not to go over the top. Have the above tips in mind to rock in bracelets anywhere.

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