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Want an Outdoor Kitchen? Here’s What You Can Expect to Pay

Are you thinking about getting an outdoor kitchen? Doing so can transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor oasis and provide a comfortable space to spend time with family, friends, and neighbors.

If you’re interested in buying one, you’ll want to know what you can expect to pay and your options. The average price is around $12,000 for a unit. But it can cost less or more than that estimate depending on various factors. Your best bet is to determine what you want and see which manufacturers offer units that meet your needs.

So that you’ll be able to make an informed decision, here’s a look at things to consider when it comes to how much outdoor kitchens cost. Remember that these prices are general guidelines–so you’ll want to consult with a supplier to get a more accurate quote.

Basic or Luxury

What’s your pleasure? Are you looking for something simple, or do you want to go all-out? If you’re looking for a basic outdoor kitchen that lacks the bells and whistles, you will want to budget around $2,000 to $10,000.

If you want an outdoor kitchen that offers more or less what your indoor kitchen provides, the cost can start at approximately $50,000. The cost can climb well beyond that if you want something uber upscale.

Types of Appliances

What types of appliances do you want in your outdoor kitchen? You’ll definitely require a grill. That will cost you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The size of the grill and the amount of heat it can produce will dictate the cost.

You may also want a fridge, which can cost several hundred dollars to $1,000. A sink is another good addition to your outdoor kitchen. It will cost about $100.

Area Accessibility

You’ll want to consider any accessibility issues before choosing an outdoor kitchen. If it’s difficult to access the space, then the cost for construction will reflect this. Ensure you have the crew assess the area and give you a quote that reflects any accessibility issues.

Labor Costs

General construction work can be a four-figure or low-five-figure job, while the fee to install appliances can add up to several thousand dollars. If you need any masonry or brickwork with your outdoor kitchen, expect to pay $450 to $600 per linear foot. The linear foot cost for a prefab framework job will be $350 to $500.

If you get quotes, ensure they’re in writing and that they reflect all the work that needs to be done. No one wants any surprises on the final bill, after all.

Infrastructure Expenses

If your outdoor kitchen will include a sink, you’ll need to consider the cost to hook up your outdoor sink to your property’s plumbing system. And unless you’ll be fueling your grill with charcoal or wood pellets, you might need to consider natural gas piping. You might also need to contact an electrician if you’ll need power outlets.

Permitting Requirements

Don’t forget permitting requirements. You’ll need to look into whether your region has any permit or building code requirements. If you need permits, this will add time and money to your project. It can take months to get the necessary permits to proceed with a project. A permit will usually cost a minimum of a few hundred dollars.

These are some of the costs you’ll need to consider if you want to get an outdoor kitchen. Your best bet is to research, find reputable service providers, and get quotes from multiple companies before choosing the company you want.

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