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So You Don’t Like It Dirty: Washing Custom Jean Jacket

Jeans are a type of cotton twill fabric known for their style, durability, adaptability, and comfort. This global fabric may be found in almost every wardrobe across the globe. It comes in various styles, but the most common are jeans and jean jackets. Jean jackets can be difficult to maintain. There is no shortage of advice on washing custom jean jackets properly, yet it is still a complex subject.

It is not simple to find the right pair or two of your best and most comfortable jean jackets. Once you do, you will want to avoid laundry disasters and huge problems, especially the ones with embroidery, beautifully designed patches, or cool pins.

Every jean jacket aficionado knows that these most-worn pieces of your closet require special attention. While we are not laundry experts, we have listed some suggestions and techniques for cleaning jean jackets at home. Here are some suggestions for washing your jean jacket at home:

1. Make use of gentle/natural detergents

It is critical to inspect your washing product for high levels of chemicals that may be present. Even if you have to stray from your regular detergent, use a mild one for your jeans because the extra effort is well worth it.

Harsh additives can accelerate the fading of your jean jacket’s colour and relax the fabric’s inherent stiffness, causing it to lose its shape or even fade out or create lint over the embroidery. Also, keep in mind that your denim only requires a small amount of washer liquid/soap. A half-teaspoon should suffice.

2. Always flip to avoid the flop!

When washing your custom jean jacket, turn them inside out. This method will not only prevent tampering with the dyes, but it will also thoroughly clean the inner parts that required cleaning in the first place. It is also critical to purchase high-quality jean jackets to ensure that they last as long as possible.

3. Always Line-dry! We Repeat, Always!

Never, ever, ever, ever, put your jackets in the dryer or worse – on hangers to dry. Over time, the strength of the fabric weave and the garment’s shape might be affected by dryers. Second, hangers might leave indents near your jacket’s shoulders and collar. It is preferable to dry them flat on an old towel or hang them on a straight wire.

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4. Hand wash in cold water

A garment should not be washed in hot water. Warm water, especially for jeans, can cause them to shrink and fade. Hanging your jean jacket in the bathroom while taking a shower is a clever trick. You will be letting the jacket material swell due to the steamy water vapours in this manner. Your jean jacket will retain its freshness for a longer period! Treat your jacket with care and then you can look for custom denim jeans for sale to pair with your jacket and try out different styles.

5. Roll out the lint with a lint roller

Lint rollers are small portable devices used to remove lint from clothing. The same is true for denim, as it quickly gathers lint, dust, and dirt. You may swiftly and efficiently clean your jean jacket with a lint roller while travelling in the car or taking a break at work to prevent numerous unneeded washes.

6. Get rid of a minor stain

Some difficult stains, such as permanent marker and tomato sauce, require extra attention before being washed in your machine. Pretreating your jean jacket or jeans is required before washing. Pretreating your jeans with Stain Solution or the Wash & Stain Bar removes ugly spots, splatters, and smudges from your favourite jean jacket to your valued dark wash jean skirt and everything in between.

Do you have a pair of raw jeans? To avoid dye transfer and bleeding, immerse it in lukewarm water and Scented Vinegar. Most essential, to extend the life of your jeans, always wash them separately and flip them inside out before laundering.

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Custom jean jackets, especially those with cool pins or fabric stickers, must be cleaned using spot cleaning. Do not let a splatter of mustard or ketchup make you rush to the washer with your jean jacket. This grime is not enough to make your jean jacket go through a laundry cycle. Dabbing a soapy cloth on the fabric or gently brushing the soap-soaked area in circular motions is all it takes to spot clean denim.

7. Always Hand Wash Your Custom Jean Jacket

Hand washing is a method of sanitising any garment. It is the next best thing after spot cleaning for your jean jacket. Soak your jacket in cold water for at least one hour, using a basic and mild detergent. After soaking, gently rub any particularly soiled spots with your hands before rinsing the jacket with cold water & allowing it to dry on its own.

However, you need to be extra careful with the detergent and washing time when your customized jean jacket has embellishments of sequins and pearls, etc.

8. Put a jean jacket in the washing machine

Many things in life are worth devoting a little extra time to, and washing your jeans is one of them. Most customized jean jackets contain zippers, buttons, tears, distress, studs, embroidery, patchwork, and rivets, as jean is a delicate fabric.

After spot-cleaning and hand-washing, machine-washing jean jackets are the best option. Dry cleaning your jean jacket is not recommended because the method uses harsh chemicals that might harm the fabric.

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