ways to spice up your love life

6 Fun Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Falling in love and being in a relationship is very refreshing. It makes you feel fantastic knowing you have someone who’ll always stand by you, cares about you and is ready to support you through thick and thin.

While being in a relationship is delightful, it can sometimes result in a regular pattern irrespective of how fun, adventurous, and exciting you are. And when that happens, boredom sets in. So, how can you spice things up with your partner? Let’s dig deeper!

1. Create a Good Ambiance

Creating the right atmosphere is crucial in enhancing your sex life. A relaxed atmosphere with a good ambiance can make you and your partner more comfortable, making it easy to have a good time. Creating a good ambiance doesn’t have to be complex. Here are tips to help you with that:

Dim Lights

Making love in a dark place can be boring as you cannot enjoy the visuals or look into one another’s eyes. Similarly, making out in a brightly lit room can make some people more conscious. To strike a balance, you can either dim the lights or light on some candles, especially the scented ones. This way, you can enjoy each other without feeling self-conscious.

Use Your Senses

Sex is more than touch or physical sensations. It incorporates what you can smell, see, taste, or hear. You can play music when having fun, wear sexy perfume or innerwear, or bring some wine into your room to capitalize on this.


A well-organized room with clean bedding is always a turn-on. So, make the most of cleanliness and neat environments.

2. Try Something New

Repeating the same routine every day leads to familiarity and boredom. To break this monotony, try something you’ve never done before. For a heterosexual couple, this could mean trying new sex positions like 69 or standing positions. It could also mean trying different foreplay options like self-pleasure, among others.

Same-sex couples like gays can try blindfolding, increasing tenderness and heightening sensations when making love. Or they can go cruising (driving or walking in a cruising ground looking for a casual sex partner) and have gay group sex. A gay group sex is more fun in public, especially in cruising grounds like bathhouses. Other gay cruising grounds include parks, gay clubs, piers, beaches, Discothèques, and bathhouses.

3. Use Sex Accessories

Incorporating sex toys into your love life can help you spice things between the sheets. Like porn, adult toys are modernity that many partners enjoy together. Lovers who use sex toys are more sexually satisfied as they offer new stimulation forms and take care of the orgasm gap between women and men. Toys come in different shapes and forms. Some of them include,

Sleeves: sleeves are categorized into masturbation and penis extender sleeves. Masturbation sleeves can be moved over the penis during masturbation, while penis extender sleeves have different forms, including textured vibrators and ball straps.

Lubes: lubes are great for people struggling with vaginal dryness as they provide lubrication during sex, reducing friction.

Delaying sprays: these toys temporarily reduce penis sensitivity, letting one last longer before climaxing.

4. Air Your Fantasies

We all have our sexual fantasies, and sharing them is the first step in actualizing them. When you share your fantasies with your partner, you let them know what you usually enjoy or would want to experience when making out. It could be using specific adult toys, engaging in a particular sex position, participating in group sex, or BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission).

Sometimes couples are shy in airing out their fantasies. Setting the mood right can help ease things if this is your case. Begin by switching off the lights, playing some incredible romantic music, and turning off the TV and other electronic gadgets. Once you are comfortable, intimate, and relaxed, open up to one another and share your deepest and most erotic desires.

5. Sexting and Love Notes

They say sex starts in the mind, and through thinking and visualizing sex, one can get in its mood. On that note, sexting and love notes can enhance your love life. People believe that sexting is all about sending nudes to your partner. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While nudes are a great way of turning your partner on, steamy messages can make you irresistible to your partner.

You can send your lover hot messages detailing how much you enjoy their lovemaking, your fantasies, or how they turn you on when they touch you in specific areas. Or you can tell them you miss them and would love to do ABC with them when you meet. Doing so would keep them in the mood for sex, and look forward to having it with you.

Couples who live together can leave each other love notes in the house. Although love notes are an old thing (thanks to technology), they still can be a great tactic. So, get creative and write your partner a love note that would make them smile or leave them horny.

6. Go on Romantic Dates

Romantic dates have a way of turning people on. If being in an exotic and impressive beach lounge next to your significant other, sipping classic wine with some romantic music in the background, is not a turn-on, then I don’t know what it is. Now couples can find places with good food, dances, and a magnificent hotel room specifically tailored for lovebirds where you can explore one another’s bodies!

The good thing with romantic dates is that you can either plan them or make them spontaneous, have them on weekends or weekdays, whatever works for you. If you or your partner have a demanding job or a busy schedule, you can choose to have your dates in the evening after work.

It’s not a must that you two go together; finding them waiting for you or vice versa is excellent too. You can even visualize the scene of what you’ll do once you meet one another. This way, you’ll be sure of enjoying your time with your loved one.

There are many ways of heating things up in the bedroom. But the most important thing is to communicate with your partner and let them know your deep desires and erotic fantasies. And remember to seduce one another, regardless of how old your relationship is.

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