6 Wearable Promotional Gifts Fashion Stores Can Use to Boost Sales

When you’re working in the fashion industry, every marketing effort you make must be infused with style and class. Otherwise, it will become difficult to attract fashion-conscious customers who will make your business a success. To assist you with your next campaign, here are six wearable promotional gifts that fashion stores can use to boost their sales:

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses continue to be in style, and will not be going out of style any time soon. You should give sunglasses a chance in your next promo marketing campaign if you want to give your customers promotional items that will stand out for their style and design.

Given the regularity of eyewear-related fashion trends, creating a pair of sunglasses that is one design fits all will not be too overbearing when it comes to actually designing them. Promoting them in a fun way, or giving them out for free to first-time buyers who visit your store, will help spread the word about your fashion business quickly.

2. Drawstring Backpacks

While wearable accessories are great, you want to consider highly useful accessories you can use as promotional items as well. Drawstring backpacks are often a more stylish alternative to tote bags and other more traditional promo marketing gifts. If you can design a branded drawstring backpack that’s impressive and aesthetically sound, you can make your fashion business well-known in the community where you’re doing business. This will help you create a ton of loyal customers that will benefit your business’s growth immensely.

3. Hoodies

For the upcoming chilly winter months, hoodies are ideal for a fun, exciting promotional marketing campaign gift. A lot of people do not own many hoodies, so if you gift them one, they will feel like they’re getting an incredibly high-value free gift.

Hoodies are a little more expensive to purchase than the other promotional items on this list, but they are tremendously helpful for demonstrating to clients that you run a high-end company that values its clientele, and one that understands how to stay both comfortable and fashionable. Hoodies also give you a ton of flexibility when it comes to designing them, so you can find the perfect way to make them represent your fashion business’s style.

4. Face Masks

We should all take public health far more seriously than we do, even though the pandemic may be more constrained. In light of this, it’s important to wear a face mask if you’re sick and need to be in public. But this does not mean that you have to give up your dedication to fashion when you wear them.

Giving away face masks with your brand printed on them, and making them stylish, will make your fashion store both beloved in your community, and more well-known. They are incredibly inexpensive and can achieve the always important “walking billboard” effect that will draw more attention to your business. However, you must consider the tone surrounding the way you gift them to customers.

5. Polo Shirts

Free clothes are always a hit, especially when you’re trying to promote your fashion-centric business. Polos are particularly well-liked because they are ideal for a wide variety of social and business settings. Customers are more likely to wear your branded polo if it is comfortable, stylish, and not too flashy (unless your fashion business revels in tasteful eccentricity, that is).

Each time they do so, your logo will potentially be seen by hundreds of new people. If your buyers adore their polo shirts, they will be much more likely to come shop at your fashion store, and redefine their sense of style (to your business’s benefit)!

6. Phone Cases

The cost of phone cases has skyrocketed at most retail stores. That being said, if you’re purchasing phone cases in bulk, you can give away this fun, useful promo gift for an affordable price. You’ll want to emphasize your logo and the phone case design in a way that’s fashionable and eye-catching if you want your customers to actually use them.

People use their phones in plain sight throughout their days, so if you can make strangers appreciate the phone case your customers are using, they will investigate the logo, and learn about your fashion business.

Style is Life

When you give someone the gift of fashion, you’re literally changing their life. If a fashion business can change someone’s life for free, they can generate loyal customers who will come into their shops again, and again, and again. Each of these six promotional gift ideas can help fashion stores truly up their business game, and create more sales.

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