websites every student should know about

5 Websites Every Student Should Know About

The internet has made things significantly easier for everyone, especially learners around the world. It is highly motivating to think that you have all the necessary resources at your fingertips that can help you make your academic dreams come true. The internet has brought you closer to your life goals by providing numerous platforms you can take help from in various aspects of high school and college life.

Therefore, we have done the research for you and put together a list of all those sites you should bookmark right away.

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Having said that, here are 5 websites every student should know about.

1. Quizlet

You might have used this incredible website at least once in your academic career. Quizlet makes preparing for tests a lot faster and easier. It claims to be “the best digital flashcards and study tools” and we cannot quite deny this since it does provide efficient assistance in all your subjects and tests. You can find solutions from experts for any tough problem.

The website trains you for upcoming quizzes through flashcards and games. The users can upload, edit and download the flashcards and find an explanation of any concept related to subjects in the fields of arts and humanities, mathematics, science, language, and social sciences.

2. Prezi

We are all a bit too tired of seeing the same format and templates of presentations for the last few years. Thankfully so, the world of the internet provides you with platforms like Prezi that help in making slides look exciting, professional, and quite impressive. It offers visual effects and image editing tools.

You can either go for the free trial period or the paid resource one that only costs nine bucks for a month. Additionally, Prezi also has a $3 per month plan for personal use.

This is your time to shine in your class by making presentations look exciting and fun to sit through.

3. Project Gutenberg

If we have to name one thing that has certainly made things quite easier for students all over the world, then it is definitely online libraries. Amongst all the online libraries, Project Gutenberg holds a prominent place. It is widely known as one of the largest online libraries of literature in the public domain. This means, you no longer have to walk miles to your campus library to get access to all the course books.

Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks for you to download from the categories of fiction, non-fiction, psychology, sociology, literary criticism, and many more.

4. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is not only a highly informative website but fun to browse through. It has a massive collection of interesting facts, trivia, and various quizzes. This website is a bit different than your typical educational platforms since it is more on the entertainment end of the spectrum than educational. This is primarily for reasons such as Mental Floss is perfect for times like those when you wish to procrastinate and be productive as well, simultaneously.

You can find material on subjects related to entertainment, history, travel, hacks, etc.

5. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is a project of TED – a non-profit organization – that uploads talks online for the viewers to watch for free. You can find video lectures on practically every subject. The topics discussed in those videos are of substance and provide valuable information to the audience.

Moreover, the lecturers are experts and public speakers, which adds more to its authenticity since you can expect to get legit material from this platform.

Wrapping Up

At first, stepping into an advanced academic stage might come across as scary and overwhelming, however, with platforms like the ones mentioned in this article, the whole process becomes quite easier, and to be frank, enjoyable as well. Therefore, check out all these websites and bookmark them to make learning a smooth journey for you.

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