Wedding Table Decore Trends For 2022

Some various elements and ideas should be considered when planning your wedding decorations. There is one significant area, and that is your wedding reception tables. The table is one of the visible areas in your reception. It’s where your guests dine, drink, and enjoy the whole program. So, it follows that your wedding guests will also be able to notice every single detail on your wedding table. 

It is the reason why having much thought and effort is needed in decorating your wedding table. For starters, a defining characteristic should be that your wedding table décor should match your wedding theme. Then, when all the little details come into play, it makes the most impact. Here are some of the best décor trends you can get inspired by:

Fill Up With Flowers

A no-fail wedding table décor trend regardless of your theme is to fill up with flowers like these Bouqs centerpieces. What’s a wedding without flowers? Many decorators would even opine that if you could only have one design element or detail for your table, that should be flowers. It’s essential to make your wedding look more elegant and romantic. 

The reason why flowers are always a constant must-have is they’re also easy to style and choose according to your theme. There are flowers you can choose from with all sorts of colors as to their blooms and petals. Also, flowers are for all budget ranges. So, even if you have a tighter budget for your wedding, you can still have flowers as your centerpiece.

Table Runners That Pop

The table cloth is there to cover the table. It also helps to make your reception look more put-together and well-thought-of. After covering your tables with runners, that’s when the table runners come into the picture. It should pop and stand out from the table cloth for that maximum impact. 

You can also be imaginative with the table runners. For instance, if you want to create a more elegant and romantic look with your wedding tables, you can use lace fabric as your table runner. If you have a garden wedding or you’re creating a rustic feel, you can use vines or a garland as your table runners. If the budget is there, you can even have runners made out of flower blooms.

wedding table decore trends

Light Up With Candles

Using candles in your wedding reception can create maximum impact in achieving the theme you intend to have for your wedding. The lighting, however, doesn’t only have to be limited to just the ceiling. You can make use of your tables to add more elegant surroundings to your wedding reception. It means adding candles to your table centerpieces. 

If you’re worried about the safety hazard of having flowers and candles, you can always opt for electric or LED candles. When you have so many of those scattered across all the tables in your reception, you can create that cozy feeling of warmth and love you’ll want to have for your wedding.

Reflect With Mirrors

Mirrors are also a nice added touch on your wedding tables. Especially when you have a well-lit indoor venue, the lights from the ceiling will reflect on the mirrors. It’s an added shine to make your wedding venue look more put-together and well-thought-of. 

Just imagine how beautiful it would be to have your flowers set on top of glass mirrors on your table. Add this to all the shine coming from your wedding jewelry, and your whole wedding will have a magical effect. It’s a simple touch that adds more detail and elegance to your table arrangements.

Potted Plants

Sure, flowers are nice and beautiful to have. But, why settle for those on vases when you can have potted plants? These look great for garden weddings or rustic-boho themes. Perhaps you want to have that enchanted garden feel? Small plants in pots will make your wedding tables look more attuned with the garden theme you love. 

The best part? You can bring home those potted plants. It’s the perfect wedding souvenir which you can grow and take care of, too, to remind you of your special day.


With the ideas of trends above, you can now finally get your creative styles flowing in this wedding planning stage. You need not have to follow every single item on the list. It’s up to you to tailor your choices as to the overall wedding décor theme you’re trying to achieve. Yes, you’ll want to have the perfect wedding. But, don’t forget that ‘perfect’ may also mean a wedding decoration idea or theme that is truly, uniquely yours. This article gives you the perfect mix of classic, trendy, whimsical, romantic, or enchanting – whatever you fancy for the biggest day of your life.

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