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What To Bring To Your Christian Youth Conference

Attending a Christian youth conference is a great opportunity to become engaged in scripture, make new friends, participate in ministry activities, have a lot of fun, and develop your faith.

While these youth conferences are perfect opportunities to create unforgettable memories and build bonds with like-minded people, the experience can be spoiled somewhat if you are not properly prepared for the trip.

Before you hop in the car, board the bus, or even charter a flight, make sure that you have planned accordingly and have everything that you will need to pack so that you can make the most of your Christian youth conference!


Pay careful attention to what the weather will be like at your conference, as well as how long you will be staying. This will be important for determining how much clothing you need to take with you as well as what kind.

Choose the majority of your clothing options based upon what will provide the greatest comfort for the forecast, but pack at least one set of warmer (or cooler, as the case may be) clothes just in case. Don’t forget underwear and socks!

Don’t forget that most Christian youth conferences will have dress code expectations, so check in advance before choosing clothing options.

A general rule of thumb is to ensure that the clothing is designed to cover the chest and belly, back, and bottom, without revealing boxers or any other underclothes, even when dancing or moving. They should not contain any potentially offensive language or images.

A majority of your clothes will be modest, weather-appropriate casual wear, but you will likely need a church outfit for services and pajamas for sleeping. You may also want a bathing suit in case conference activities include swimming or other water-related activities. If so, ensure that it meets dress code requirements as well.

Don’t forget comfortable sneakers, closed-toe footwear for services, flip-flops, and/or other water-resistant options if appropriate.

A good rule of thumb is to take more sets of clothing than you think you need, even if it’s just an extra set. You never know when the unexpected may happen – you could fall in the mud or get doused in a surprise rainstorm.

Speaking of rain, whether it’s in the forecast or not, it is a good idea to bring a poncho, umbrella, coat, or another form of protection from the elements, just in case.


Remember to bring the daily necessities for proper hygiene. This includes toothpaste, a toothbrush, hair care products, deodorant, soap, bobby pins/hair ties, brushes/combs, and any other items that you will need daily.

Many stores offer travel-sized versions of popular toiletries which are a lot easier to pack but make sure that you will have enough to keep you throughout your conference.

A good rule of thumb is to walk through your morning ritual, considering everything you use during and after your shower or bath. Make a note of all of the items and pack accordingly.

Remember that there are some toiletry items that you may only use occasionally, such as razors and shaving cream (if applicable), so make a list that takes those items into account as well.

Don’t forget any medications that you may need!

Outdoor Items

Often, afternoons are filled with fun activities in the sun! That means that you will want some additional items to make sure that you are not worse for wear in the elements.

Some popular items are sun tan lotion/sunblock, bug spray, sunglasses, a water bottle, hats, towels (for showers and swimming), hand sanitizer, and any outdoor games or recreational equipment that you might want to enjoy with others.

There are additional items you may want for when the sun goes down, too. A flashlight, sleeping bag, pillow, sheets/blankets, jackets or sweatshirts, and anything else you might need if spending time out of doors at night.

With the ever-present threat of Covid, it’s also a good idea to keep a stash of masks available.

Additional Necessities

You will likely need any appropriate bibles or scripture materials, so make sure you do not forget them! Likewise, if you want to bring pens, pencils, notebooks, or journals for services or personal use.

While many people have grown used to using their cell phones as both a watch and camera, there may be times when those items will be unavailable. You can bring the items themselves as a backup, just in case.

You may have the opportunity to play sports or musical instruments, so if this is an option, you should pack those items as well.

Keeping extra money on hand is important, too. There may be coin-operated laundry services and opportunities to purchase food, drinks, T-shirts, and other souvenirs, as well as DVD videos from the youth convention itself that can be bought to relive the experience.

Note: Make sure that any fees or other expenses related to the Christian Youth Conference have been paid and that you have any requested forms or paperwork with you!

Do Not Wait Until the Last Moment to Pack!

This is very important. The earlier you prepare a list of what you want to take and pack your items, the better because it gives you ample time to determine if there’s anything important missing or if there are any additional items you want to take.

If you are throwing everything together at the last minute, there’s a greater chance that you might forget something crucial and not have time to go back for it.

Plan carefully so that you have everything you need to fully enjoy all that the Christian youth conference has to offer. It is significantly less fun watching from the sidelines when you forgot to pack important activity necessities, and it’s even less fun suffering from extreme sunburn or allergies because you forgot to include the appropriate precautions.

Even when you think you have everything you need, check the event’s website or consult with others involved to see if there’s anything else you need to include during your packing.

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