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What Is Net Worth, And Why Is It Important?

Anybody can calculate their net worth, and it is crucial that everyone knows their net worth. To understand your net worth, you have to sum up all of your assets, such as the cash available in your bank accounts, retirement accounts, and investments, not leaving out any property you own then minus any liability, for example, loans, debt, mortgage and even you a credit card that you owe.

Your net worth differs from your income since you do not store or keep every amount you make. Instead, you borrow, buy and make investments with the money and then sum up all the total value of your properties and cash goes down and up over time. Your net worth is a big-picture way of measuring your financial health. You need to think of it as a way to show you your financial journey’s location.

How Can You Track Your Net Worth Over Time?

Your net worth can fluctuate, meaning it can go up or even, at the time, go down. Platforms such as the Prillionaires net worth calculator make it easy for you to track your net worth quickly and calculate it all simultaneously. You can view and link your liabilities, making it simple to stay on track and find motivation as you settle off your debts.

Whether in black or red, the aim is to be honest, and know your position along the way. It will also help you make the right decisions about whether you need to invest more.

Why Net Worth Is Important

Tracking your net worth over time is a handy indicator of financial stability. You work hard to take a home salary but what happens after the paycheck hits your account is not predictable.

Checking on your net worth helps you understand where you have been spending your money and where you need to invest it in the future.

When trying to make your next financial move, whether it is buying a house or car or whatever it is, taking out your debt to return to school or hitting a new savings target, knowing your worth can assist you in seeing the bigger picture.

But it will not necessarily assist you with sticking to your daily budget. When you realize that your net worth is negative, your priorities must be apparent; ensure that you focus on getting a job which will enable you to save while at the same time paying off your loans or debts.

By investing in assets that increase your value over a while, you will be able to move towards achieving your money goals faster, more so if you can minimize high-cost liabilities or the assets that depreciate so fast. And if you need to see if you are succeeding, all you need to do is check the trajectory of your net worth.


We can all check our net worth despite our situation, whether we are a billionaire or not. It helps us track our financial journey and know what steps we need to take next.

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