5 Tips on How and What to Eat for Lunch to Beat the Afternoon Slump

Do you find yourself dragging your feet once 2 pm rolls around? This is especially a problem when you work the typical 9 to 5 schedule and end up not being as productive as you could be in the afternoon. It’s important to eat lunch that will nourish you and make it possible to get through your day, like Sunbasket lunch bowls.

1. Be Careful with Carbs

When you eat something with a high carbohydrate content, you would do well to use the energy you derive from it right away. If you’re not going to be running or working out, this presents an issue. The carbs roam around your bloodstream and eventually, you experience what’s known as a “crash”. This is characterized by low energy and fatigue.

You can avoid the crash by eating meals that have more protein and healthy fats, instead of a lot of carbs. Healthy fats are excellent to eat when you have a busy day, yet you won’t need a big burst of energy to run a marathon or anything else physically demanding.

2. Substitute for Pasta Alternatives

If you still want to have pasta for lunch, there are some great alternatives. You might opt for something that is made from zucchini or chickpeas. The other benefit here is that this gives you more fiber. Make sure that the sauce contains healthy fats and add in some veggies.

3. Protein is Ideal

It’s in your best interest to have protein at almost every meal. Eggs are a great source of protein. Enjoy this as a frittata, which is easy to bring to work. It’s simple to make as you only need to sauté some vegetables, then pour whipped eggs on the top to create something that’s like a pancake.

4. Avoid Heavy Meals

You want to avoid eating a heavy meal when you know you won’t be able to sleep shortly after. It’s been proven that eating a larger lunch tends to make people more drowsy. Pay attention to the portion size – you even can add in a cookie or brownie, as long as you have that protein and healthy fats in your lunch.

5. Have a Walk or Few Minutes of Exercise

This tip isn’t about what to eat, but it’s still a good idea of which you should take note. Go for a walk after you have lunch, especially if you have a courtyard or hallways where you can walk around. If you have a spot to do a few minutes of yoga or some other form of gentle exercise by your desk or elsewhere, go for it! It’s certain to give that little boost you need.

You can enjoy a delicious yet nutritious lunch while at work. Just pay attention to the label of ingredients, or if you bring a homemade lunch, ensure that it’s got an ideal combination of what you need to get through the day and stay as healthy as possible. There are even companies that send you lunch kits, allowing you to look through options and choose what you want from the menu.

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