when to do a masters in nursing

When Is The Right Time To Do A Master’s In Nursing?

Being a nurse is both a challenging and time-consuming position and people who pursue this career are usually looking to stay in the field long-term and move up within the industry. Nurses often work long and erratic shifts, some are during the day and some at night.

On top of that, family responsibilities and the daily demands of life make it hard to find time to pursue your education further. For those who want to continue their education in nursing and move up to a higher level or position in the field, a Master’s in nursing may be beneficial. So when is the right time to tackle a master’s of science in nursing (MSN) degree and is it worth it?

There are many factors someone should consider when deciding to complete a master’s in nursing. Firstly, the most important, is what is your motivation for getting your MSN degree? Acquiring this degree opens up a lot more opportunities in the nursing field which means you could achieve higher positions in nursing, administration, and even advanced private practice positions.

The MSN degree could also help you to leverage higher leadership positions that come with higher salaries. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses with an MSN degree typically make 50% more than nurses who only hold a Bachelor’s of Nursing. Obtaining this degree can be the next step to help you achieve your dream nursing career goals.

Any educational degree, especially a master’s in nursing, can be costly. This is why many people in the field weigh the financial commitment before making the ultimate decision to enroll. According to US News, an online master’s degree in nursing can cost between $35,000 and $60,000 depending on the educational institution and program.

If pursuing the degree is important to you, there are options to help lessen the financial burden. Just like any other educational program, you can seek out financial loans, scholarships, and grants. You can also examine your monthly budget to see where you can minimize expenses.

Earning your Master’s in Nursing degree not only requires a large financial commitment, but also a huge time commitment. Many people use the time burden as a decision to push off taking the leap in their education. You must be willing to devote this next step in your education by evaluating your finances, family relationships, living situation, current income, and financial stability.

Most programs have both part-time and full-time course loads to fit best with your current work and home life balance. Some colleges also offer the opportunity for people to pursue their master of science in nursing online if they need greater flexibility while furthering their education.

The time and financial commitment is a huge adjustment, but so is your dedication to the program. According to Nursing License Map, A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is a graduate-level degree for advanced practice registered nurses. It is most often completed after a nurse obtains their bachelor’s degree in nursing or a related field and a registered nurse license. So, what will an online MSN degree entail?

The coursework and clinical schedule for this type of program are rigorous and intensive. The coursework will differ depending on which financial institution and program you enroll in for your in-person or online MSN program. Typically though, in the most master of science in nursing online programs, you will cover a curriculum that includes core nursing classes, nursing science, and nursing education.

You may also be able to focus on a number of specialized concentrations depending on the school and program. For example, you might be able to pick from a concentration in family nurse practitioner, pediatric care practitioner, or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

Something to keep in mind with pursuing this degree is that it may require clinical hours in addition to the coursework. In some cases, these clinical hour requirements will need to be met at a nursing facility, apart from your current position.

In other cases, your current nursing position may be reviewed as a possible fulfillment of the requirement. It’s important to check with the program you are enrolling in for the clinical requirement before committing.

The course load, time commitment, and financial strain that goes along with going back to school for a master’s of nursing online can ultimately sway a nurse’s decision to follow through with it.

However, if you decide that the passion and dedication you have is strong enough to manage the rest, then now may be the right time for you to pursue your master’s in nursing. Pursuing this degree can open many doors for you in positions as a Research Nurse, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Administrator, and more!

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