Who Has The Highest IQ? Facts That Will Surprise You

Many today are interested in raising their IQ. It is not surprising because the intellect is not only what distinguishes us from the monkey but also a potent tool for achieving the set goals. Who has the highest IQ? By answering this question, you can find a person to follow and draw certain conclusions about improving your intelligence quotient.

The Highest IQ In The World

Before answering the question, who has the highest IQ ever? It is necessary to tell a little about the IQ test itself. This was invented in 1912. It should help determine the intelligence quotient of a human.

In a reasonably short period, hundreds of different tests were created. Moreover, one person answering questions of various tests gets different results. Scientists are still arguing which of the tests is the most accurate.

Another point is that many thinkers known to humanity lived before creating the IQ test. So how to determine who has the highest IQ ever? A system has been developed that analyzes the merits of a genius, his or her scientific works, and the age at which the most important discoveries were made. Then, based on the received data, the system can roughly determine the level of IQ of a person.

Christopher Hirata

Who has the highest IQ in the world? It is believed that one of the highest IQ is Christopher Hirata among the living. At 14, he became the youngest winner of the 1996 International Physics Olympiad.

He started active cooperation with NASA in Mars exploration and lens theory in two years. Now he continues his busy scientific work and teaches at the university. His IQ is 225.

William James Sidis

Who has the highest IQ in the world? William James Sidis is the most intelligent man ever. According to some reports, his IQ ranged from 250 to 300. This child prodigy learned to speak at the age of 4 months; at two, he knew how to read and write in two languages, and at four, he had already begun to publish his books.

However, William Sidis does not have significant scientific discoveries. Despite his high intelligence, he was very emotionally immature. To this man, there was great attention from the public, in particular journalists, because of which Sidis began to hide and live under different names.

All his life, he worked as a simple accountant, and as soon as someone noticed his extraordinary abilities, he immediately moved to another city. Sidis died in a small apartment at an early age from a brain hemorrhage.

Johann Goethe

Speaking of who has the highest IQ, it is impossible not to mention Johann Goethe. His IQ level ranged from 225 to 250, which is an excellent indicator for this time. He was a brilliant writer and a scientist who became the founder of several sciences.

Albert Einstein was delighted with his scientific work and paid attention to his merits more than once. He considered Johann Goethe the most brilliant man of his time.

Leonardo da Vinci

Who has the highest IQ during the renaissance? Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most extraordinary people of his time. He was an artist and an inventor. Among his works, you can find models ahead of their time by several centuries. It is for example:

  • aircraft,
  • calculating machines,
  • armored vehicles and many others.

By the way, he is credited with the creation of scissors. He certainly had the highest IQ of his time, with a 180 – 225.

Nikola Tesla

Nicola Testa is a man who had the highest IQ and became one of the most outstanding physicists in the history of humanity. His experiments still captivate people’s minds. He made a massive push in the study of electricity and created appliances that brought light to homes worldwide.

His IQ level ranged from 160 to 310, according to various calculations.


Who has the highest IQ, and how can I achieve similar results? All of the above geniuses were child prodigies. Such extraordinary intelligence was gifted to them by nature. Someone decided to develop it and achieved excellent results in their industry, while someone, on the contrary, closed himself off from the whole world.

It is challenging to achieve outstanding results, and someone will say that it is impossible. However, you can improve your memory, which will make learning easier. A good solution would be to use the memory app. It has a well-thought-out training system and has proven effective.

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