The Reasons Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are often the last teeth that you will experience coming through and when they erupt they can cause you to experience quite a bit of pain and discomfort. In the worst case scenarios, not only can these molars cause your mouth problems but can cause your jaw to become unaligned, causing a whole host of problems.

While most people will have no problems with their wisdom teeth, if you are someone who does, then you may want to consider something as drastic as wisdom teeth removal. Some of the reasons why some people opt for this are listed below.

Inflammation of the gums

The entire mouth is affected when your wisdom teeth come through, including the gums themselves. This is especially true when your wisdom teeth erupt either horizontally or at an angle compared to your other teeth, as it makes them swell up and so become difficult to keep clean. This will eventually lead to cavities and tooth decay appearing as the area in your mouth is not being cleaned properly.

A damaged jaw

From pain and stiffness in the jaw, throughout to full on damage of the bone that impacts on its range of motion and functionality, wisdom teeth can have a serious impact. Where there is not much space for the molars to erupt into, they may become impacted within the jaw itself, causing some of your other teeth, and even your jaw itself, to shift. This may impact on how much you can open your mouth without experiencing any pain. 

Damaged teeth

New teeth coming through into your mouth where all your other teeth are already in place can cause many of them to move around and shift position. As you would expect, this can cause severe pain, as well as problems of overcrowding and bite problems, making it difficult for you to brush your teeth and administer good oral hygiene. This will eventually lead to tooth decay if not resolved and you may also need to have any impacted teeth straightened. 

Sinus issues

Because the mouth is so closely connected to the nose, it is no surprise then that your wisdom teeth can actually have an impact on your sinus. If your wisdom teeth are causing you sinus congestion, pressure, and / or pain, then this is a clear sign that either one or both of the molars need to be removed. 

Pain and sensitivity

Most people only actually realize that they have their wisdom teeth coming through when they experience a bit of sensitivity and pain. Unfortunately though, like most oral issues, the problem typically starts small, but by not treating it, becomes much more troublesome over time, with the sensitivity and pain getting much worse. This is why it is important to be aware of any wisdom tooth pain when you first experience it. 

You only need to remove your wisdom teeth if you are experiencing any of these problems. Do not remove if the teeth are healthy, are not fully erupted, or if they are positioned correctly. 

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