5 Reasons Why Your AC Keeps Breaking

Utilizing an air conditioner is very useful for your home, especially if you are living in a tropical country. Turning on the AC at night can help you sleep a lot better. However, just like any other electronic appliance, if you do not take care of your air conditioner – it will get damaged quickly, even before its use time.

To ensure that your air conditioner can be used for years, and you can make the best out of your money – you should avoid doing these 5 bad habits that you don’t realize can cause the air conditioner to break down quickly.

1. Your AC is overused

Some people often leave the air conditioner on even though they are leaving the house. They think that this is a smart move to ensure that when they are back, the room is cool and comfortable. This often happened, especially during the summer. If you also like to do this, you should stop doing this bad habit immediately.

One of the main factors that cause the air conditioner to break down quickly is by using the aircon continuously without letting it rest. The components inside the air conditioner will be damaged quickly because the air conditioner is forced to continue to operate without stopping. Not only that but turning your air conditioner continuously can also affect your electricity bill.

If you use your air conditioner constantly, you may want to use a timer feature on your air conditioner to prevent you from forgetting to turn off the aircon. Make sure the timer is set according to your routine. That way, the air conditioner can turn off automatically if you are not in the room.

2. You rarely clean your aircon

Air conditioner is an electronic item that is often used. Especially during hot weather, it can be used almost every day! Because of that, your air conditioner will require extra care.

The air conditioner operates by filtering dirty air inside the system, ensuring that dust and dirt collected do not spread back to the outside. This will not only help to cool down a room, but also ensure the healthiness of everyone in the house. Because of its usage, the filter will need to be cleaned or changed regularly. If it is not, your air conditioner won’t be able to work properly.

Forgetting to change the air conditioner filter is one of the most common mistakes that people make. The dirt and debris that builds up inside make your capacitors have to work harder, thus damaging the components slowly.

You should replace your aircon filter at the very least once in three months – sometimes even more especially if you live with pets or often smoke inside the room. Changing the filter regularly will help you to maintain your air conditioner in its prime condition for a lot longer.

3. Unstable electric voltage

If you have already provided the best maintenance routine for your air conditioner, but its performance is still disrupted – it might be better for you to check the electrical voltage in your home. Unstable electrical voltages can affect electronic products, including air conditioners.

If there is a power outage in your house, try not to turn on the air conditioner right away. Because this can cause your air conditioner’s compressor to break down quickly. When the electricity is on, wait for a few minutes before turning on your air conditioner.

4. Wrong installation of the outdoor unit

Often the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is hidden behind bushes in the yard or blocked by trees – for designing purposes. While this may seem like a good landscape solution, it actually can be a source of problems for your air conditioner in the future.

Letting the aircon outdoor unit be surrounded by plants or bushes can block proper ventilation and clog the system, thus it will result in more wear and tear. To avoid this, during the installation make sure that you put the unit in an open space. Or you can also do regular trimming in the space where you put the aircon outdoor unit.

5. Not paying attention to the refrigerant level

The refrigerant inside your air conditioner is the substance that keeps your air conditioner running smoothly. Without a proper amount of it, it can disrupt your air conditioner. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to its condition and level – ensuring the amount is right and there is no leak. If the refrigerant of your air conditioner is leaking, usually ice will appear on the outdoor connection pipe.

These are some of the most common reasons why your air conditioner is prone to breaking. To ensure that you prevent this from happening, you will need to provide regular maintenance for your air conditioner. Having professionals taking care of your unit will help to assess any problem that may occur and also find a way to fix the minor problem – prevent them from becoming a major problem. Contact Luce Aircon now to schedule a regular check-up for your air conditioner.

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