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Will Private Flight Continue To Grow Post The Pandemic?

A number of factors in recent years have meant that, much to everyone’s surprise, the interest and demand in flying in private jets have risen quite a bit. Prior to its sudden boom, private flights weren’t all that common and were usually associated with something that the elite class did because they were able to afford it.

However, with the rise of the pandemic and the complications it brought globally, especially to the aviation industry financially and otherwise, more and more people have begun to look at flying privately as a viable option.

The private jet charter price has become more accessible than before, and because of the struggle faced by commercial airlines in general, the difference in price is minimal enough for people to consider private flights, as well as the time saved at airports as a bonus. But will the private flight industry continue to grow as the pandemic settles down? Keep reading to find out more.

Why Fly Private?

One of the first questions that may come to mind is, why fly privately anyway? Flying commercially has always worked well in the past, so what’s changed now? Well, flying privately does come with its fair share of benefits more than ever before, including affordability, and perhaps the biggest factor of all being an increase in how safe passengers are when travelling.

Health and Safety

Considering how many people cross paths with one another at airports and how many common surfaces are touched, flying privately means that the level of exposure to health threats is massively reduced. On average, flying commercially means that passengers are in contact with about 700 touchpoints, in comparison to those flying privately, who only come into contact with about 20 touchpoints.

Passengers have more often than not also expressed their desire to avoid the general rush experienced at airports, and with access to private terminals and lounges before departure, it not only saves the hassle that comes with flying but also means that those travelling with families, for instance, are much less at risk of catching anything contagious.

Beyond just making the general travelling experience much smoother, it also means that upon reaching their destination, passengers won’t have to spend any number of days in isolation or quarantine and can go about their business, making their travels much more efficient.

Last-Minute Changes

Something else that must always be in consideration when travelling now more than ever before, is constantly monitoring travel requirements and rules that are subject to change at any given moment. Sometimes as quick as overnight.

In that instance, flying privately means that rearranging flights or needing to change schedules with short notice is much more possible and is a hassle-free process and the chances of the entire flight being cancelled are much less.


Another key factor as to why more people may be choosing to travel privately is due to the fact that private flight prices have decreased between 30% – 50% in cost, making them comparable to first and business class prices on commercial airlines.

Those who do more than an annual holiday trip, and fly frequently for business, for instance, can actually save more money by booking private flights than flying premium on commercial airlines.

If you’re planning to travel within a large group, then it also might work out better for you cost-wise to book a private plane as opposed to first/business class cabins on a commercial flight.

Comfortable Travelling

As mentioned above, with prices of private flying now competing against business class or first class cabin prices, the comfort and luxuries that can be found within your own private aircraft are undoubtedly unmatched.

Not only can you travel in peace knowing that your family or close friends are the only passengers aboard the plane already making the whole experience that much more enjoyable, but flying privately also gives you much more flexibility to bring your pets along on the journey considering how spacious the cabin area is, so you can be sure that both you and your pets can travel comfortably!

The main cabin area is of course known to have the most comfortable of seats for you to rest in during your flight, but if you prefer an even more relaxed environment, then you can always make use of the master bedroom to make sure you are well rested before you arrive at your destination.

And to save even more time of having to freshen up once you’ve arrived, you have the amenity of your own en suite shower, so your flight really does feel like nothing short of home!

And of course, one of the most beneficial aspects of flying privately is that you can bring your luggage onboard, and aren’t subject to the same baggage restrictions. You can also bring liquids on board, so no matter where you plan on travelling, you’ll never have to worry about packing in the same way again.

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