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7 Kinds Of Window Blinds You Need To Know About

Having your privacy is priceless. You do not want your privacy to be flashed out in the world. You need a bit of privacy to yourself, but you also need sunlight streaming across your face. You cannot live in utter darkness. Blinds are the perfect solution for this. They allow you the ideal blend of the sun with the privacy you need.

1. Daylight Guidance Blinds

These blinds provide you with the perfect streaming of light. You can control the amount of light you want without the sharp glare. You can also save your heat and light costs with natural lighting and heating.

With various photometric concepts, light is reflected, filtered, and redirected to where it is needed. It also does reflect radiation through the same wavelength way better than other blinds. With a control system, you will get perfectly metered daylight all through the day. Blinds from Shade Factor have superior technology to help you reap daylight benefits and that too in a measured way.

2. Blockout Blinds

These blinds help you block out all the disruptive light from disturbing you. In winter, these keep your surroundings warm by not allowing the heat to escape. Similarly, it protects you from the harsh sun’s rays in summer. It can be installed both vertically and horizontally. With that added feature, you can plan your windows at any angle you want. When you do not want the sunlight, block it with these Blockout Blinds.

3. Sky Shading Systems

Some of the most beautiful architectural designs that have come up are skylights. They allow sunlight to stream into your room through the roof and light up corners of your room. However, there are times when you just have had enough of the sunlight. With the perfect shading system, you can choose to simply filter the sunlight coming in or completely block it.

4. Ceiling Roller Blinds

Ceiling Roller Blinds are a great way to block out the sun’s harmful rays from overheating or causing irritation. It is an aesthetic solution to the harmful sun’s rays. It is also great to prevent your room from any heat loss during winters. It holds the heat into the room and does not allow it to escape. It helps the most in darkening the room but completely blocking out outside sunlight. Its seamless installation will give your house a bougie look and place it on a standard.

5. Internal Roller Blinds- Residential Range

These blinds are a great way for you to block the sunlight. Now you can show off your blinds to your friends and family and won’t have to hide it behind curtains. With the several design features available for you to choose from, you can simply choose blinds from your aesthetic. Block the light out but in style. These blinds also help you reduce glare and maximise solar protection.

6. Internal Roller Blinds- Commercial Range

Commercial spaces have to have a modern outlook. The workers must have an environment where they feel motivated to work. For the customers, they need to be able to trust the environment. So, it is essential that commercial spaces bring their A-game to the table. However, you also need to keep in mind blinds that just do not fit your aesthetics but also fit your requirements. And that’s where these blinds come in.

7. Internal Roller Blinds- Architectural Range

For housing planning, one of the main factors is lighting. Having natural light flowing in your space is an added advantage. However, while planning such features, one also needs to consider its downside. Great lighting would also mean lighting when unwanted.

So, it is essential to have blinds through which you can stream in light according to your preference. And the solution for this is internal roller blinds, that come with specialised fabrics that minimise glare and enjoy daylight according to your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Blinds are such essential pieces of everyday lives. Of course, we need our daily quota of sunlight, but an excess is never good. So, we must have the option to limit and regulate.

Moreover, When choosing blinds, keeping your aesthetics is again very important. If you’re planning to have open houses, keep some neutral blinds so that all colours and styles of furniture can blend in perfectly.

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