6 Popular Window Styles for Chicago Homes

Chicago is home to some of the United States’ most beautiful, fashion-forward homes. If you’re a homeowner in Chicago looking to up the style game of your home, investing in gorgeous, home equity-boosting windows is an amazing idea. Knowing which window styles will provide the most bang for your buck is important before investing, however.

To get you started on your home’s renovations in 2022, and give your home an aesthetic boost that will keep you proud to show off your home to friends and family members, here are six popular window styles for Chicago homes:

1. Casement Windows

Homeowners looking to add a classical, subtle flavor to their home’s aesthetic should seriously consider installing casement windows. For those looking to install screens in their windows to help ensure they do not deal with pesky insects this summer, the ease of pairing them with casement windows will prove especially attractive.

The budget-friendly nature of casement windows has made them popular among homeowners who love simple, affordable living as well. For simplicity and affordability, casement windows are hard to beat, and they are easy to find when discussing your options with a local Chicago window company.

2. Bay Windows

To keep your home looking trendy and fashion-forward in a classy fashion, bay windows are an excellent choice. The way they provide a unique, comfortable, and beautiful accent on your home’s exterior makes them particularly popular among homeowners who value their home’s aesthetic.

The expense of installing bay windows is high due to how they integrate with the home’s structural design, but if you’re willing to invest in them, they will massively boost your home’s equity. In Chicago neighborhoods, the demand for bay windows will prove especially profitable if you decide to sell your home in the future.

3. Picture Windows

Have you ever seen a film where a character is sitting by a massive window, allowing a beautiful location to shine through in a way that seems fit for a millionaire? If you want to bring this aesthetic into your own home, picture windows are your solution. The massive, huge panes of picture windows are designed to create a look of having what seems to be a full glass wall while keeping your home structurally sound.

If you live out in a gorgeous Chicago location, picture windows can help you feel connected to your surroundings even when you’re inside your home. There’s a hyper weather-tight sealing capability built into the windows that makes them energy-efficient as well. While picture windows are expensive to install, they are one of the most elegant window styles out there (and will provide a great first impression for anyone who sees your home).

4. Sliding Windows

Homeowners who want to mix efficiency, simplicity, and elegance will find a lot to love in the style and function of sliding windows. By having a window that can easily open without frustrating gimmicks, and that can be repaired with ease, you make your home more friendly to family living.

Elderly folk looking to invest in windows often choose sliding windows for these very reasons. The affordability and ease of installing sliding windows help boost their appeal that much further. If you’re looking for functionality over style, sliding windows may prove to be your best bet. Window renovations remain incredibly popular and profitable in 2022.

5. Skylight Windows

If you want beautiful natural lighting in your home, skylight windows are an ideal option. Not only do they look amazing on your roof, but they allow the sun to give you all-day natural lighting in a convenient fashion. The energy-efficient nature of these windows, combined with the cost you’ll save on electricity, make them ideal for cost-conscious homeowners as well.

In Chicago, the skylight window style looks particularly eye-catching, especially in suburban and city locations where you want to stand out from your neighbors’ homes. The initial costs can be high, but the investment will continue to pay off for the rest of the time you stay in your home (while boosting your home equity at the same time).

6. Awning Windows

Chicago is known for having brutally hot summers, and this problem is only intensifying with climate change. There is a solution, however: awning windows. Awning windows are perfect for letting in a breeze, without having to completely open up your home to rain and other unwanted intruders.

The hyper-stylish, nostalgic look of awning windows has made them highly sought after by trend chasers, so if you want to look hip in your Chicago neighborhood, awning windows are the solution you’re looking for. There’s a classic-meets-modern style to awning windows that’s simply difficult to beat.

Chicago is Known for Beautiful Homes

In Chicago, there’s a lot of pressure to have a beautiful, well-maintained home. Having stylish, well-maintained windows is a perfect way to live up to your neighborhood’s expectations. Especially if you’re planning on eventually selling your home, building home equity with a fresh pair of aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient windows provides a solid plan.

With Chicago reality showing no signs of slowing down in its yearly value increase, investing in windows is an excellent idea.

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