Essentials Elements of a WordPress Website Design Process

A website is an extension of your business in the digital space. You could generate brand awareness, attract quality traffic to your business through a well-designed and responsive website. A website could be the crucial tool that could help scale your business and reach audiences worldwide.

With a WordPress website, you could make that first positive impression on a potential customer. How do you go about getting a WordPress website for your business? One way would be to leverage the UPQODE website design services to create a digital footprint for your business.

The article will look at different elements in the website design process that could help create a website that is not just visually stunning but also effective in terms of SEO and sales.

Essentials Elements of a WordPress Website Design Process

Understanding Business Objective

WordPress powers 41% of the websites available on the internet. But why does your business need a website? It would be best to have a clear picture of what you are expecting from the website and what objectives you are trying to achieve. Is it brand awareness, lead generation, or a platform to connect with audiences?

A company can help you design a website when they better understand your motivation behind wanting a website. Provide them with clear information about the products and services you offer.

Web Design in Tune with Brand

If you’re an established business or a startup wanting to launch your website, the web design should be an extension of your brand. Logo, color scheme, tonality, design structure should all be in tune with your brand.

Users visiting your website should be able to recognize your brand immediately. And this can only happen if you have consistent design elements used across all your marketing channels.

Mobile Responsive Design

In the US alone, mobile devices generate 63% of web traffic. Capturing the roving attention of users online is a task in itself. If your website fails to load on a mobile device within 3 to 5 seconds, most users will leave the website.

For your website to reach global audiences, it first has to render efficiently and consistently on all devices from desktop to mobile. It should offer similar user experiences irrespective of it being opened on Android or iPhone.

Find Your Place Among SEO Results

The majority of the users do not look beyond the first page of a search engine result. You create a visually appealing website, but the search engine will not direct users to your website without SEO optimization. A better search result is an element that should be embedded in the website design process.

Your website should be designed to achieve better rankings on search engines. They should pay attention to keyword selection, site mapping, and page optimization techniques.

Navigation Flow

A website should be built from the end-users perspective. It should be easy for them to find relevant information. A cluttered website or a page wherein you have to scroll endlessly, especially on a mobile screen, can be frustrating. Keep the navigation as simple as possible.

Ease of Maintenance

How easy will it be for you to manage and maintain your WordPress website once the developers hand over the reins to you? Ensure you have the correct tools and training available to handle your website.

UPQODE website design services, for example, offer customers a test staging area, wherein one can test the tools used to make updates or maintain the website. One can get trained, prepare, clear any doubts about the maintenance process before the website is launched.

Ensuring Security of the Website

WP Engine is the top WordPress hosting provider that has security as a top priority. With cyber-attacks increasingly becoming sophisticated, your website must be protected against such threats. Backup services are also critical, or your business continuity could suffer due to network disruptions.

Security is an aspect that should be integrated right through the website development process. WordPress offers several plugins to make websites accessible, manageable, and efficient. Any of the plugins that your website uses should be regularly updated for security purposes.

Get a WordPress Website for Your Business Today

An ideal website should be built keeping in line with your business objectives and the goals you want to achieve. The design of the website should be a reflection of your brand.

Easy navigation, clean and crisp content, SEO optimization, and mobile responsive design will put your brand in front of customers looking for your products/ services. Get in touch with UPQODE website design services to know more about how websites can help your business grow.

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