working smarter not harder

The Art of Working Smarter, Not Harder

Life has become so much busy, that it’s enough to loosen your inner time-management control, and you are already in an endless chaos of piles of responsibilities. Sometimes people even feel emotionally good, when they do not have time, thinking that it’s an indicator of how hard-working they are. Although it is easy not to do anything, it’s also easy to do a lot of tasks, surprisingly: The difficulty is to do less but to earn more. This is the exact harmony that can bring us inner peace, financial stability, and plenty of time to spend with the family.

We have dived deep into our daily habits and working life and tried to point out some things that can be done differently to make life smarter and more enjoyable.

Use the Second Screen Wisely

You may have noticed that it has been a long time since one screen is not enough for us. For example, when we watch a TV series, we often simultaneously scroll our smartphones or answer a couple of messages. This unconscious multitasking can be used for the good.  Some people may play video poker for real money on their phones while the laptop is being updated. If you are a freelancer, you can take that time to scroll the job platforms for some nice opportunities.

Use the second screen to do things that can be done by the hand. This way you won’t have to find a special time for those things, such as checking email, ordering some deliveries, etc. You will see that at the end of the day, you have more spare time and more jobs already done.

Don’t Compete With the AI

Artificial intelligence is the future, although many see a threat in it. After the latest development around ChatGPT, media and career consultants started alarming about the jobs that could be done by AI in the future, such as social media managers, teachers, etc. The list is not short, unfortunately.

Our advice is: Do not compete with AI, because you will lose the battle, since there are going to be even stronger AI programs in the future, called artificial super intelligence (ASI), and it will probably surpass our human intelligence. So, when you can’t be enemies, it is better to be friends.

Use the AI tools to generate ideas, find data faster, brainstorm, and so on. This will save a lot of time and surely, will make your task accomplished with exceptional competence.


Outstanding online services, such as Google services, and technologies like Apple products, are widely recognized and loved not only because they are easy to use or have beautiful interfaces. They have much more to offer, and they already did.

Rethink your daily tasks. There are definitely lots of them that are parts of your daily routine. Well, if something needs to be done over and over again, maybe this is a sign to automate it. Unless you’re making a coffee for the boss (better doing it manually yet). Lots of software can be found to automate your email, social media management, computer back-ups, and much more.

To-Do Lists

Creating to-do lists is always a good idea. If you’re someone who likes pen and paper, then create one on your one, and if you find mobile applications handy, you already know that there are many task management apps. However, we didn’t just want to remind you about to-do lists. Instead, let’s emphasize an important life hack: Don’t use a to-do list to bullet-list all your tasks and deliver those in order. Use that list to evaluate your tasks, prioritize them, why not, eliminate those that could be postponed or avoided.

Having the tasks written, helps us to see the whole picture, because sometimes we do things automatically, without prioritizing. When you see your list, you easily evaluate the tasks in comparison with each other, understanding your daily schedule.

And Finally, Plan Ahead

You don’t know where do you go? Then you will have to have a long walk. It’s always difficult to do something, that you haven’t planned carefully. The famous French novelist Gustave Flaubert said, “I spend more time thinking about what I am going to write than writing itself”. Try to adopt this approach. Before starting the work, spend some time thinking and organizing part.

You may want to create a planner, or just make brainstorm with colleagues or the AI, as mentioned above. Putting your plan together and understanding your roadmap, will definitely help you to do your job better.

These are only a few of many ways to make the daily work smarter. Don’t you agree that no one says thank you for the hard work unless there is a good result? Try to prove your results smartly.

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