Is It Worth Buying Spotify Plays?

If you are here, indeed, you have been struggling to gain Spotify plays. No matter how unique your music is, getting to the top of the list is hard. The important question; is it worth it to buy Spotify plays? We dived down into thorough research on the pros and cons of buying Spotify plays. Continue reading to see if you should consider it.

Why Do Artists Buy Spotify Plays?

Promoting yourself and your content as an independent musician on digital websites is challenging, especially if you are just getting started. Whether you buy Spotify plays or earn them organically, there are numerous benefits to having a greater audience for your content. Some of these are listed below:

1. Improves Ranking

After every search, the top options are those with high views and musicians with a large following. To rank your music at the top, you need to attract considerable followers. Having more followers will also result in your music being sent as recommendations to other listeners with similar tastes. Eventually, it will increase your fan base.

2. Recognition Of Your Work

Besides, having a greater fan base means recognition of your work. The more people who listen, the more attention you will receive. Often the musicians start with curated playlists to attract followers with popular choices. Later they promote their original work through this fan following.

3. Verification

As an independent musician, Spotify can kickstart your career in the music industry. Getting verified on Spotify is not easy. It requires a substantial fan base and consistent plays.

However, if you achieve these targets, Spotify verification will help you gain influence not only on Spotify but also on other social media platforms. Making an Artist account on Spotify gives you credibility and a foundation for your content.

4. More Influence

An increase in Spotify plays, and your streaming statistics means your work is being accepted and liked. After a certain number of followers, they began to promote themselves. These followers help to influence the choices of other listeners. Whenever a new listener comes across your account, they will listen to a few songs before deciding if the music matches their style.

5. Opportunity To Experiment

Finally, a large audience and high Spotify plays allow you to experiment with your music style. You will get immediate feedback from your audience if you try a new genre or use different music techniques. It is an excellent time and place to perfect your original material before competing with the professionals.

How To Buy Spotify Plays?

Now that we agree that a large fan base and higher Spotify plays will expedite your music career let’s see how to increase your Spotify plays. Every other famous artist at some time paid to have their work promoted. Without the initial push, it is impossible to reach the top.

You can buy Spotify plays from multiple websites. However, you need to be cautious of the fraudulent websites that can scam you. Spotify discourages artificial methods of increasing your plays. So if they find out, they can restrict your account in breach of your agreement. The worst-case scenario is that your account gets banned, and it is difficult to recover from a bad reputation.

You also have to consider Spotify’s algorithm. You will miss out on actual listening time if you purchase Spotify plays from the sub-par website or get a bot to improve your statistics.

This software only changes your numbers. The purchase will give your account a good makeover, but it will lack a quality audience. That being said, buying Spotify plays is worth the investment for the long term. Some easy ways to increase Spotify plays are explained below.

1. External Websites

You can avoid problems by using reliable websites and being discrete about your methods. UseViral is a recognized Spotify promotional website that guarantees high-quality plays instead of using bots for their clients. Other sites depend on their network to provide authentic engagement of your content.

Additionally, the sites offer affordable packages with varying time frames, and the quantity of Spotify plays. You can experiment and decide what is working for you.

2. Spotify Ads

You can promote your music by targeting the audience on Spotify directly. They offer paid ads service to increase the reach of your content on their platform. The more frequently your content is circulated within regular listeners, the higher are your chances of getting repeat listeners. This method saves musicians from any agreement breach, as you are not technically buying plays but advertising your work.

3. Other Ad Networks

It may surprise you, but you can also use other social media platforms to buy Spotify plays. This technique is slightly more expensive than the previous one. You can use the Facebook ads service to encourage your followers to listen to your music on Spotify. Although this technique is more complicated, the advantage is it opens up a wider user network.

4. Influencer Market

Influencer marketing is widely used to buy Spotify plays. It is relatively inexpensive and gives you a lot of exposure. You need to research a group of musicians with a large fan following.

They should also be willing to create personalized content for their playlist that will promote your music. This method is a risky venture since you don’t know if and when you will have a return on your investment. But it does pay off over-time, so definitely worth trying.

Consistently buying Spotify plays will not help you grow as a musician or gain recognition in the industry. After you reach a substantial fan base, ensure your music stands on its own, and you start receiving organic traffic.

To retain your fan following, maintain your presence on the platform. Keep your audience entertained with new and quality materials. Engage with your fans to get feedback. Make a connection to have a lasting and dedicated fan base. Try these methods as you build your career in the music industry.

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