How to Write a Cover Letter in English?

Have you heard of a cover letter? If not, learn what it is and how it can be essential in your career!

Learning how to write a cover letter is essential for anyone who wants to have an international career. So, if you intend to make work abroad, you need to understand it.

With that in mind, today we have prepared an article on the topic for you. So, if you want to work abroad and show recruiters that you are not just another candidate, pay attention and write down all the tips below!

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is nothing more than a letter of introduction. In other words, it is a way to present your skills and your story. That way, recruiters can get to know you better and not just focus on your resume.

In Europe and the USA, for example, it is almost mandatory to write a cover letter. These countries first analyze the cover letter and then look at the resume. In other words, the cover letter draws attention to your skills!

So, to catch your recruiter’s attention, be on the lookout for the perfect cover letter!

Where to start writing a cover letter?

The first step in writing a cover letter is the area in which you are going to work. After all, this is the crux of your presentation, isn’t it? Each profession has its particularities, which completely change the content of your writing.

For example, some areas require mentions of certifications. The more diplomas and certificates mentioned, the better for the presentation. However, for applying to a journalism field, the focus changes. You need to cite which newspapers, magazines, or platforms you worked for and focus on internships and people you worked with.

It would help if you thought, first of all, about the following question “why me?”. This is precisely the question that the recruiter will ask “why this person?”. Therefore, you must have on the tip of your tongue (or pen) precisely the reasons why that professional should hire you.

In short: sell yourself to the recruiter! Sell your fish! However, don’t go too far. The company wants to know what you can do for them based on your experience, not your personal life. Focus on the job!

Step by step to create a cover letter

Personify the introduction and direct the words

What does that mean? I mean, you should be as specific as possible. That is, look for the name of the recruiter who will read your cover letter. This way, you show that you have studied and are not just one more person throwing everything away.

In the first paragraph, show that you are a good candidate in your presentation and, of course, don’t forget to mention the position you are looking for. List all the skills and qualifications that make you perfect for the job.

Take the opportunity to say why the company interested you

Show that you know the company’s profile and admire its goals.

Seek out information about the company. It seems obvious, but many people don’t care. So, if you show some knowledge about the company, you already have a differential.

Try to understand how the company works, its values, and what the job requires. This can be put in your cover letter roundabout without sounding too far-fetched.

Never use translators to help with English cover letters

Many people make this mistake; unfortunately, it can be fatal. Remember: translators often take sentences out of context and make texts extremely generic.

So, if you need help with English and grammar, ask a language teacher, a native speaker, or use an essay writer service to be sure that your letter will be written well.

Answer invisible questions

In addition to identifying yourself and informing your specialty and experience, it is necessary to answer some questions that will make the recruiter think if your resume is worth analyzing.

For example:

  • When can you start working?
  • Do you have a trip planned?
  • What is your visa type?
  • How can the recruiter contact you?

We hope you liked our pieces of advice!

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