write in a christmas card from the dog

What to Write in a Christmas Card From the Dog

Wish your family and friends a Merry Woofmas by sending a Christmas card from the dog! Tickle their funny bone by choosing a canine Christmas card from Boomf’s selection and writing it in the manner of your furry friend.

You can find all of the top tips on what to write a Christmas card from the dog below — pair these with one of the cards from Boomf.com and you’ll have a fetching Christmas!

Finding Your (Dog’s) Voice

Bark the herald angels sing! In all seriousness, the first thing to do is establish what your dog’s voice (or bark) sounds like.

There are a few different options for this. One such option is going simple: basic language, short sentences, no adjectives, improper grammar (think Doug from Pixar’s Up). This type of voice is perfect for a dopey but loveable animal friend.

Alternatively, you could do the inverse. Does your dog have a regal or poised demeanour? Are they a snob about what kind of food they will eat? For this option, it’s time to whip out the thesaurus. Adopt some eloquence, extend the sentences.

Another option would be throwing in some light insults and jokes. Perhaps this dog has decided that the recipient doesn’t take them on enough walks, or doesn’t buy them enough treats.

Christmas Dog Jokes and Puns

A Christmas card from the dog wouldn’t be done justice without some Christmas and animal themed jokes or puns. Here are some of my favourites below:

• “Happy Pawlidays”
• “Santa Paws”
• “Dachshund Through the Snow”
• “We Woof You a Hairy Christmas”
• “Wreck the Halls”
• “Have a Paw-some Christmas”
• “Santa’s little yelper wants to wish you a Merry Christmas”
• “Dog bless you”

Personalising Your Card

One key aspect of a successful canine Christmas card is the personalisation. One way you can do this is with the message and the chosen voice, but another way is through photos. Put a photo shoot on with your puppy pal – you can even get out Christmas decorations and costumes!

One thing to be aware of before doing this, however, is your dog’s energy levels. You’re not going to be able to get a mantle-piece worthy photo if your dog’s got the zoomies. Opt for taking the photo/s when your dog is tired.

If you want to wish your loved ones Happy Collie-Days or Merry Pugmas, use these tips above to send out a Christmas card from the dog.

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